Storm Drains and Catchbasins

Help Clear Storm Drains


When heavy snow fall occurs the warming temperatures and rain will create more hazardous conditions and the threat of urban flooding. Please take the time to assist your neighbourhood or neighours by making sure storm drains and catch basins around your home are clear of leaves, snow and ice. Clogged and snow-covered drains and catchbasins can quickly result in flood conditions.

To reduce the possibility of flooding, citizens are requested to do the following:

  • Locate any drains or catchbasins adjacent to your property;
  • Make sure drains and catchbasins are clear of any leaves, snow or ice; and
  • Clear a path for water to flow into the drains and catchbasins.

Report any major flooding problems to Public Works during regular business hours at 604.927.5496 or Emergency After Hours Contact at 604.543.6700


Catchbasin Cleaning

Falling leaves can lead to clogged catchbasins (or storm drains). Help prevent flooding by regularly cleaning leaves and other debris from your catch basin grates. Did you know that many of the City’s catchbasins are connected to drainage systems that discharge to environmentally sensitive fish-bearing streams? That’s a good reason to keep oil, paint and other contaminants away from catch basins. Please report any damaged catchbasins to Public Works at 604.927.5496.


Don’t know where a catchbasin is near your property?

Use the map below or click here to view a larger map.