Secondary Suite Exemptions

Homes with secondary suites in Port Coquitlam receive utility billings for both the main dwelling and the suite, to reflect the property’s actual consumption of those services (water, sewer, garbage and recycling).

For the purposes of these billings, the additional suite is defined as one or more rooms that form a single unit that is to be used as a residence and contains cooking, eating, sleeping and sanitary facilities.

Property owners may apply for an exemption on the additional utility billings if the suite:

  • Does not exist.
  • Has not or will not be rented or occupied during the calendar year.
  • Is occupied by a parent or grandparent, and the property owner occupies the main home as his/her principal residence. This exemption is for 50% of the additional suite levy.
  • Is occupied by a caregiver who provides extensive physical assistance to the property owner, his/her spouse, parent or child (related by blood, marriage or adoption) who has a permanent disability, for a fee of at least $150/month. The owner must occupy the main home as his/her principal residence, and the person receiving care must occupy either the main home or suite as his/her principal residence. The caregiver must provide extensive supervision and care necessary to perform the daily functions of daily living (e.g. meal preparation, personal care and hygiene). An additional Supplementary Disability Form for Suite Exemption must be submitted. This exemption is for 100% of the additional suite levy.

Applying for an Exemption

If you qualify for an exemption, complete the secondary suite exemption application on your utility bill or via the link below and submit it with your payment.

Those applying for the exemption may deduct the full amount of the secondary suite billing from the “Amount Now Due” on their bill, or 50% when parents or grandparents are using the suite. (For 2023, deduct $857.60 for the full amount or $428.80 for the 50% discount.)

Applications for exemptions must be submitted annually to City Hall by no later than December 31 of the current year, or the application will be denied.

Suite Exemption Application

Supplementary Disability Form for Suite Exemption

Application for Sewer and Water User Fee Subsidy

IMPORTANT: Owners are expected to notify City Hall if situations change during the year that would cancel the exemption, so that the additional charges may be levied. It is an offense to make a false application.


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