About Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam is a community of 61,000 with a strategic location in Metro Vancouver, a healthy base of businesses, new commercial and industrial areas, 271 hectares of parkland including the 25-km Traboulay PoCo Trail, well-established neighbourhoods, and a strong sense of community spirit known as PoCo Pride.

It also has a reputation for progressive governance and for its innovative approaches to managing waste, sustainable development and using technology to engage the community.

Since it was incorporated on March 7, 1913, Port Coquitlam has experienced significant growth and has strived to remain relevant to the changing times. At the same time, the City has retained its small-town charm, its authentic historic downtown core, and a tradition of community involvement.

The City strives to balance social, environmental and economic values while fulfilling citizen priorities.

Vision and Mission

The City of Port Coquitlam introduced a new vision and mission when we adopted a new Corporate Strategic Plan, called Vision 2020, in 2011.


Port Coquitlam is a happy, vibrant, safe community with healthy, engaged residents and thriving businesses, supported by sustainable resources and services.


Our City’s energetic and resourceful staff, governed by a dedicated City Council, will bring our Vision to life.

Our Mission is: We strive to do it right by researching, planning, building and executing well-balanced solutions.

A Livable City

It came as little surprise to Port Coquitlam residents when their community earned national recognition for being a livable city. Family-friendly Port Coquitlam was named B.C.’s third most livable city, and 33rd out of 200 in Canada.

Those who call Port Coquitlam home are well aware of its special qualities, including affordability, an accessible location, parks and trails, family-oriented services, a quaint historic downtown core, and a strong sense of community spirit.

The City’s housing and land are among the most affordable in the region north of the Fraser River. At the same time, property owners benefit from some of the lowest tax rates in Metro Vancouver.
Port Coquitlam boasts an enviable central location, with easy access thanks to regional bridge and highway improvements and local projects such the Coast Meridian Overpass. It’s also easy to get around using the extensive network of trails and bike lanes.
Port Coquitlam promotes a healthy and active lifestyle with many indoor and outdoor opportunities. Options include recreation centres with pools and arenas, sports fields, outdoor pools, the 25-km Traboulay PoCo Trail and free trailside gym stations.
The heart of the community is the historic and authentic downtown, which is bustling these days with new business and residential growth, a vibrant cultural scene and a Farmers Market. We’re also seeing significant growth in the up-and-coming Dominion Triangle area – bringing an exciting mix of retail, residential, institutional and light industrial developments.
Port Coquitlam’s old-fashioned community spirit is unique in an urban setting. Residents love to celebrate their PoCo Pride at numerous festivals and civic events throughout the year, and volunteer their time to make their community better.