City Hall

City Hall

Surrounded by gardens, Port Coquitlam’s historic City Hall is a focal point of the downtown area. Residents, businesses and visitors may visit the hall to attend Council meetings, do business with the City and get information about City services. Organized tours are also available to school groups.

Learn About the History of City Hall

The original City Hall was constructed in 1914 under the authority of Bylaw No. 12, passed on May 16, 1913. The original three-storey brick building, which faced McAllister Street, is the portion of City Hall to the left (north) of today’s Shaughnessy Street entrance.

Until the mid 1960s, only the first two floors of the building were occupied. Along with the Municipal Offices, those two floors housed, at various times, library facilities, police offices and a courtroom on the second floor that also served as the Council Chamber. In 1966, a new Council Chamber, Committee Room and Mayor’s Office were constructed on the east half of the third floor and the balance of the floor was used as office space.

The courtroom, police office and lock-up facilities were moved to a separate location in early 1972, and the building’s interior was extensively renovated in late 1972 and early 1973. The building was designated by the Province as a protected heritage site in late 1985.

In 1986, the City initiated an addition to City Hall. Plans were prepared by Toby, Russell, Buckwell Architects, and the contracting firm Double V Construction Limited started work in September 1987.

The reconstruction included a complete renovation of the interior and the addition of a new three-storey building on the south side, including a new public entrance area. Due to the building’s heritage status, a great deal of care was taken to ensure that the appearance of the old building remained intact and that the new construction reinforced and complemented the original design.

Visitors to the third floor may note a seam in the brick wall to the right of Council Chamber entrance, marking where the original City Hall ends and the addition begins.

Commemorative Naming

Port Coquitlam residents may at any time, complete the Commemorative Naming Application below to request the naming of a City park, parts of a park, facility, part of a facility and other civic asset commonly used by the public that has no name or only an informal name. The commemorative name may be considered and approved by Council, on a case by case basis.

Naming Critieria and Guidelines:

In order to have a City park, parts of a park, facility, part of a facility and other civic asset, commemoratively named, one or more of the following criteria shall apply:

  • The individual/organization has demonstrated excellence, courage or exceptional dedication to service in ways that brings special credit to the
  • City of Port Coquitlam, the Province of British Columbia and/or Canada;
  • The individual is an inhabitant/family within the City of Port Coquitlam who has historical significance;
  • The individual/organization has an extraordinary community service record;
  • The individual/organization volunteers and has made a lengthy contribution to community services/organizations. The quality of the contribution shall be considered along with the length of service by the individual/organization;
  • The individual has worked to foster inclusion, equity and reduce discrimination;
  • Where the individual is a current City employee, the individual will have made an outstanding contribution to the City outside of his/her capacity and duties as an employee or he/she may be recognized for exceptional service once he/she is no longer a City employee; and
  • The individual/organization performs a deed or activity in an outstanding professional manner or of an uncommonly high standard that brings considerable benefit or honour to the City.

The following principles shall be considered in deciding on a name for a City park, parts of a park, facility, part of a facility or other civic asset:

  • Only City assets commonly used by the public, such as parks, parts of parks, facilities, parts of facilities shall be considered specifically for commemorative naming;
  • Names shall not be discriminatory, derogatory or political in nature;
  • Names shall reflect the diversity within the City of Port Coquitlam;
  • Names shall contribute significantly to historic continuity, community identity and pride, and to creating a sense of place within the community;
  • Commemorative naming shall not conflict with other City policies; and
  • Council shall retain the right to not name certain facilities and assets.

To put forward an application for a commemorative name please complete the online form below.

Commemorative Naming Application

Nominator's Information

Mailing Address
Mailing Address

Information Concerning the Proposed Name

Note: A Commemorative Name may be used only once in the City of Port Coquitlam – subsequent requests will be denied.
Applicable Criteria (Check all that apply):

Nominee Information

If the name suggested relates to the commemoration of an individual who is alive, please provide the individual’s contact information in the section below.
Name of Nominee
Name of Nominee
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Postal Code

Additional Information

Please attach the following information, as required in the Commemorative Naming Policy.
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB

Criminal Reference Check

A Criminal Reference Check (CRC) for the nominee is required as part of the application process. It is necessary for the nominee to obtain the CRC.


Please consent to the following:
The information collected on this form will be used as part of the Commemorative Naming process. Personal information on the form and information collected as a result of the application processing and staff investigation will be used by City staff and may be made available to the internal stakeholders.

City Hall Complex Directory

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Main switchboard and general inquiries 604.927.5411
After hours Public Works emergency calls 604.543.6700

Location and Mailing Address

2580 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC  V3C 2A8
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8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)