Financial Assistance Feedback Form

This feedback form is for recipients of the Port Coquitlam Individual Financial Assistance Program.

We are committed to providing accessible and inclusive services, programs and opportunities for all members of our community.

Please take a few minutes to complete our Program Feedback form as your comments will help us continue to improve our services.

Financial Assistance Feedback
I heard about the Financial Assistance Program through:
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I and/or my family utilized the OneCity Pass:
I and/or my family utilize the 75% discount/subsidy money for registered programs:
I and/or my family have applied the subsidy money to the following registered programs:
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I and/or my family would rate the following as:
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I found all the financial assistance information I needed.
I found it easy to apply for the Financial Assistance Program.
I found the discount and subsidy dollar amount offered reasonable.
I found it easy to use the Financial Assistance Program.
I found staff to be well informed about the Program, its benefits and able to answer my questions.
The Financial Assistance Program has increased my and/or my family’s level of participation in recreation programs.
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Thank you for providing your feedback and experiences as a recipient of Port Coquitlam’s Individual Financial Assistance Program.