Mayor’s Month at a Glance – January 2017

As a commitment to being more transparent and improving accountability, I will be posting a monthly list of external meetings hosted or attended by the Mayor’s office. This list will include meetings with businesses, schools or groups but will not include meetings with staff, media, or community events. I am pleased to provide you with a list of the meetings that took place in January 2017:

Phone meeting with George Siegle
Meeting with Paul Tiwana
Meeting with Lynn Pelletier, Vice President, BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services
Meeting with Rob Thiessen, Hope for Freedom Society
Meeting with Dr. Taylor, Chair & Tereza McDermid, Executive Director, Crossroads Hospice Society
Meeting with Sam Boon
Meeting with Davide Fantillo
Meeting with Anthony Ciolfitto, Principal, Riverside Secondary School
Meeting with Trish Mandewo
Meeting with Mike Mazurek, Red Pill Entertainment
Meeting with Chip Dhaliwal, Business Representative, IUOE Local 115
Meeting with Anthony Ezeputa
Meeting with Consul General Gunn Kim, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
Meeting with Jeff Bray, Canada Public Affairs
Phone meeting with Ryan Beedie, Beedie Group
Meeting with Tim MacKenzie
Meeting with James Wo
Meeting with Pastor Anena Simpson
Meeting with Mike Hind, Executive Director, Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce
Phone meeting with Edward Csuka, Terry Fox Senior Secondary School
Phone meeting with Mike Palmer