Mayor’s Month at a Glance – March 2017

As a commitment to being more transparent and improving accountability, I will be posting a monthly list of external meetings hosted or attended by the Mayor’s office. This list will include meetings with businesses, schools or groups but will not include meetings with staff, media, or community events. I am pleased to provide you with a list of the meetings that took place in March 2017:

Meeting with Meeting with MP Ron McKinnon
Meeting with Ryan Clark, Executive Director, PoCo Sports Alliance
Meeting with Ryan, Finger Foods Studios
Phone meeting with Mina Laudan, BC Council of Forest Industries
Meeting with Nick Maltchev
Meeting with Mike Bowen, PoCo Sports Alliance
Phone Meeting with Patrick Giesbrecht
Meeting with Daniel Boffo, Boffo Developments
Meeting with Nikolai Lambino,  BuildHome
Meeting with Michael Hind, Executive Director, Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce