City Extends Outdoor Spaces Program to Support Businesses

PORT COQUITLAM, BC – Sept. 24, 2020… Port Coquitlam restaurants and businesses can continue to serve customers in outdoor spaces such as streets and sidewalks until end of October 2021.

Tuesday night, City Council agreed to extend a program it introduced in May that allows businesses to use public rights-of-way such as streets, sidewalks and parking lots for commercial activities such as patios, lineups and product displays. The Liquor Control and Regulation Branch is being advised of this change which will allow businesses to continue operating uninterrupted.

“This program has been very well received by the public and our businesses, and it’s been great to see our streets and sidewalks come alive as people took advantage of these new safe places to gather, eat and shop,” Mayor Brad West said. “Businesses are still struggling with the impact of the pandemic, and we know the months ahead will continue to be a challenge. We’ll keep monitoring the success of this program and looking for other creative ways to support our business community through these uncertain times.”  

The program streamlines the application process with a “one-stop shop” for right-of-way encroachment permits, while waiving application, security and other permit fees until the end of the year.

Businesses are also offered free in-kind services such as construction of temporary platforms or mobile structures on city property, reconfigured lane markings, revised parking restrictions or relocated infrastructure such as signs, planters, benches, waste containers.

City staff continue to work with businesses to provide advice about how they can meet the regulatory and insurance requirements. Interested businesses should contact the City’s Property Use Coordinator at or 604-927-5266.

The changes are among a number of measures Port Coquitlam has taken to support local businesses and assist with the community’s recovery. These have included temporarily eliminating late fees for business licences, extending the deadline for property taxes and utility bills to Sept. 30 and changing the penalty for late tax and utility payment to 5% instead of 10%, and putting businesses in touch with resources such as the online business and development information hub at

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