City Makes Largest Investment in Neighbourhood Infrastructure

Port Coquitlam, BC – Nov. 15, 2019 … Port Coquitlam’s upcoming capital plan will represent the city’s largest one-time investment in neighbourhood infrastructure to date, following through on City Council’s focus on “getting the basics right.”

About $26 million – half of the $52.7-million 2020-2021 capital plan approved by the Committee of Council this week – will be dedicated to upgrading road and utilities infrastructure in Port Coquitlam neighbourhoods.

Set for formal adoption Nov 26, the plan also includes funding for parks and playgrounds, sidewalks, multi-use paths, pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures, streetlights, downtown streetscape improvements, lane paving, the completion of the Port Coquitlam Community Centre (PCCC) and other key infrastructure projects. It continues the two-year format introduced in 2017 that has enabled Port Coquitlam to obtain competitive pricing and complete projects on time.

“We’re continuing to focus on planning and delivering the core city services that matter to our community, like improved roads, safer streets and parks,” Mayor Brad West said. “These are the building blocks for a safe, family-friendly community, with affordable places to live, good-paying jobs, thriving businesses, and services that people want.”

The city began a concentrated push to rehabilitate neighbourhood roads and utilities in 2017. To date, 12.6 kilometres of roads have been upgraded. The 2020-2021 program intends to upgrade another 9.6 kilometres.

Capital projects previously approved for 2020, totaling $24.4 million, would include:

An additional $716,400 in one-time enhancements is also planned in 2020, including:

Highlights of capital projects approved for 2021, estimated at $28.3 million, include:

An additional $494,400 in one-time enhancements was also approved for 2021, including funding for a climate change adaptation strategy.

Funding for the capital program will come from various reserve accounts and interest savings from the refinancing of debt. The one-time enhancements are primarily funded through accumulated surplus.

“We’ve made core infrastructure a budget priority and our residents are starting to enjoy the results first-hand, in terms of better and safer streets, new amenities and other services,” said Cllr. Dean Washington, Council’s designate for budget matters. “We thank everyone for their patience with the construction and roadwork as we make these important upgrades across the city.”

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Planning for the 2020 operating budget is now underway, with public consultation planned for February. Information will be posted at in January.

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