City Of Port Coquitlam Launches First Pothole Blitz Of 2023

Port Coquitlam, BC – April 25, 2023…With the weather clearing up, the City will launch its first pothole repair blitz this week, Thurs. April 27 and Fri. April 28, to keep the community’s roads and neighbourhood streets in a state of good repair.

To date the crews have inspected 100% of the City for potholes in three separate inspection sessions. A total of 158 potholes have been found and crews are preparing to fill during the upcoming dry weather. One City crew (approximately four staff members) will work two consecutive days from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. to repair as many potholes that have been identified. An additional day may be required. Staff will reevaluate on Friday.

“We continue to make investments in our roads and frontline services like pothole repairs. It’s about getting the basics right and delivering the core city services that matter to our community and what residents and businesses pay property taxes for,” said Mayor Brad West. “City crews will work efficiently to improve our roadways and make them safer for people driving and cycling.”

Crews have performed proactive daily patrols throughout the winter months to fix potholes across the City. Thursday through to Friday is forecasted to have favourable weather conditions for a pothole repair blitz as daytime temperatures are expected to be high with dry conditions.

Residents driving or cycling are advised to expect minor delays around pothole crews. The public is asked to be safe by respecting work zones and giving crews space while they make repairs.

Crews have already repaired 409 potholes since January 1. Last year, the City repaired more than 1400 potholes. Pothole repair blitz crews are made up of the same City staff who handle road maintenance, snow clearing, street sweeping and other maintenance and roadway safety work.

 “We encourage residents to help by reporting potholes online so that City crews can repair them as soon as possible,” said Mayor Brad West. “Although there will be some short inconveniences, it is also a visible sign of our tax dollars at work.”

Potholes can normally be repaired within four days of crews being made aware through proactive patrols and service requests from residents. When there are large numbers of potholes to be repaired, they are triaged based on size and repairs are prioritized on major roads first.

Members of the public can report potholes to or by using the PoCo Sort and Report app or by calling 604.927.3111.

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Ximena Ibacache
Manager of Communications & Administrative Services
City of Port Coquitlam
Tel 604.927.5499