On May 26, 2020, Port Coquitlam City Council passed the following resolution:

Whereas Council accepts the finding of an independent investigator that Councillor Dupont breached s. 117 of the Community Charter by disclosing confidential information contrary to the requirements of that section;

Whereas Council considers Councillor Dupont’s unlawful disclosure of confidential information to be conduct unbecoming a member of City Council;

And Whereas Councillor Dupont has been afforded procedural fairness with respect to Council’s consideration of this matter and was notified in advance:

  • (a) that Council would be considering the matter and was given a copy of this draft Resolution that may be considered by Council as well as a copy of the investigation report;
  • (b) that Council may consider sanctions including a motion of censure and public notification of any sanction;

Whereas Councillor Dupont was expressly informed of their right to retain legal counsel and for their legal counsel to be present at the Council meeting in which this Resolution would be discussed and voted on;

Whereas Councillor Dupont was given the opportunity to personally, or via their legal counsel, make submissions to the rest of Council regarding their conduct in this matter;

Whereas Council has considered the submissions made by Councillor Dupont and/or their legal counsel;

Whereas Council has unanimously agreed upon the appropriate action;

Whereas Council has provided written reasons so that Councillor Dupont understands the basis for the decision to address her conduct.

Be it Resolved as Follows:

  1. That Council accepts the findings of the independent investigator that Councillor Dupont disclosed confidential information in breach of s. 117 of the Community Charter;
  2. That Council considers Councillor Dupont’s breach of confidentiality to be conduct unbecoming a member of City Council;
  3. That Council shall address what it believes to be conduct unbecoming a member of City Council by way of:
    • (a) a motion of censure on Councillor Dupont;
    • (b) removal of Councillor Dupont as the City’s representative on any external boards or committees
    • (c)removal of Councillor Dupont’s City appointed designation;
    • (d) removal of Councillor Dupont from the Acting Mayor rotation;
    • (e) alternate procedures for Councillor Dupont’s access to confidential materials; and
    • (f) public notification of sanctions.
  1. That the sanctions imposed on Councillor Dupont in sections 3(b), (c), (d), and (e) above remain in effect for a period of 12 months.
  2. That the above resolution be released in to open