Give Feedback on Planned Prairie Avenue Improvements

What kind of improvements would you like to see along Prairie Avenue?

The City of Port Coquitlam is seeking feedback this month on proposed safety and streetscape upgrades on Prairie Avenue between Shaughnessy and Fremont Streets that could include roundabouts, planted medians, curb extensions, sidewalks and other features.

An open house is set for Sept. 18, 4:30 to 7 p.m. in the Hyde Creek Recreation Centre gymnasium, and a survey at will collect feedback until Sept. 30.

“Prairie Avenue is an important connector for residents and businesses on the north side of our community, and will be even more so in the future,” noted Mayor Brad West. “The feedback we get from the public will be important to help us set our priorities and come up with a long-term solution. We encourage everyone to have their say.”

The three-kilometre corridor between Shaughnessy Street and Fremont Street sees more than 13,000 cars a day. Planned road rehabilitation works between Coast Meridian Road and Burns Road are already in the capital budget, and the city is considering additional improvements along the corridor to meet the community’s future needs. Features could include:

  • Roundabouts – to help control reduce intersection collisions, calm traffic, and allow for safe U-turns;
  • Curb extensions and crosswalks – similar to those in use throughout the city, to improve pedestrian safety, calm traffic and create attractive “parking pockets;”
  • Planted boulevards and street trees – to improve safety by separating pedestrians from the roadway and provide beauty and environment benefits such as shade and cooler temperatures;
  • Raised planted medians – potentially used in concert with roundabouts, to safely separate lanes, reduce conflict zones by limiting left-hand turns, and provide beauty and environmental benefits;
  • Off-street multi-use paths to provide a safe, grade-separated path for pedestrians, cyclists and other active transportation; and
  • Sidewalks, curbs and gutters to improve pedestrian safety.

No additional lanes are being considered. City staff have developed three distinct design options for feedback, each with tradeoffs because of the limited width available. Depending on the feedback received, variations or combinations will be considered.

“As a primary entry point for the north side, Prairie Avenue definitely deserves some care and attention, particularly east of Coast Meridian,” said Cllr. Dean Washington, Council’s designate for finance and budget. “We want to consider all the options and information – including public feedback – before deciding on the best approach.”

Letters advising of the project and inviting feedback went out this week to Prairie Avenue properties. Anyone with an interest in the future of the corridor is encouraged to attend the Sept. 18 open house, visit the website for information about the options and features, and fill out the online survey before Sept. 30.

Construction is expected to start in early 2020, with utility works and a new multi-use path from Fremont Street to Burns Road.

Improvements between Coast Meridian Road and Fremont Street would take place in 2021 and 2022, based on the selected option and features. Depending on funding, the proposed improvements between Shaughnessy Street and Coast Meridian Road are anticipated to take place from 2022 to 2024.

For more information about the project or to complete the survey, visit



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