Investments Make Port Coquitlam More Bike Friendly

Bike racks as public art, green pavement paint marking and more signed bike routes are among the City of Port Coquitlam’s latest steps to be more bike-friendly.

The improvements are part of the City`s investment in active transportation – that is, human-powered transportation such as walking, cycling, using a wheelchair or skateboarding.

“Improving how people can get around in our city is an ongoing priority for us,” said Acting Mayor Laura Dupont. “Aside from promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging people to cycle helps to alleviate traffic, reduce air pollution and support other forms of sustainable transportation, like transit.”

Six new custom bike racks installed in recent months are doing double duty as public art and a secure place to lock bicycles. Three squirrel-shaped racks have been installed at Lions Park, while a yoga-themed rack adorns an outdoor gym station on the Traboulay PoCo Trail near the downtown. Two City Hall racks, near the parking area off Leigh Square Place, are shaped like a musical note and a penny-farthing old-fashioned bicycle. The custom racks can accommodate two bicycles.

Port Coquitlam added 25 new bike racks in 2017. Six bike racks with the more common wavy design have also been installed at the Public Works yard off Broadway Street, Gates Park (at two locations), Rowland Park, Centennial Pool and Settlers Park.

This is in addition to a dozen hoop-style racks throughout the downtown and dozens more racks throughout the community.

Bike routes have also seen improvements this year. For example, as part of the upgrades to Pitt River Road and McLean Avenue, green paint was applied to conflict zones in bike lanes to alert drivers of the presence of cyclists. Green is the standard colour for cycling facilities across North America and will be introduced on other busy streets in Port Coquitlam.

Bike route signs have also been added on Apel Drive, Fraser Avenue, Salisbury Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Patricia Avenue, Citadel Drive, and Riverwood Gate/Riverside Drive. As of this month, Port Coquitlam has 61 kilometres of bike routes.

Another $300,000 in active transportation improvements are planned in 2018, with a focus on connections to the SkyTrain Evergreen line. Staff will be bringing forward a list of projects for approval by the city’s Transportation Solutions and Public Works (TSPW) Committee in December.

“Evidence tells us that people will cycle more if the facilities are there to support it,” noted Cllr. Darrell Penner, chair of TSPW Committee. “These investments are intended to both improve the safety of our roads and encourage alternate forms of transportation.”

A map of Port Coquitlam’s bike routes and racks, along with other cycling resources, can be viewed at

They are also featured in the new Tri-Cities Cycling Map that shows bike routes and connections throughout Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody. The map was the result of a partnership between the three cities and is available free at city facilities and

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Melony Burton
Manager of Infrastructure Planning
City of Port Coquitlam
Tel: 604.927.5305