Port Coquitlam Rolls Out Fiscally Responsible Capital Program

Port Coquitlam, BC – July 28, 2022… Port Coquitlam is continuing to make critical capital improvements throughout the City while safeguarding taxpayers from rapidly changing market conditions.

Upgrades to streetscapes, utilities, parks and other infrastructure are in full swing around the community this summer as Port Coquitlam proceeds with the second year of its $36-million 2022-2023 capital plan. At the same time, the City is keeping a close eye on the volatile construction market that is affecting schedules and project costs – as well as seeking new grant opportunities – and making adjustments as necessary to protect public funds.

“Around the community, residents can see their investments in action this summer in the form of repaved roads, upgraded utilities, new sidewalks, traffic calming, improved sports fields and much more through our capital program,” Mayor Brad West said. “It’s part of our commitment to getting the basics right and delivering improvements to every part of Port Coquitlam. At the same time, when we are faced with unprecedent and unpredictable market conditions as we are now, it’s important that we remain flexible and adjust our approach to reduce any financial impact on our residents.”

Work taking place around the community includes:

  • Neighbourhood infrastructure updates, including road and lane resurfacing, sidewalks, streetlights and utility upgrades,
  • New trees planted along neighbourhood and major roads,
  • Safety upgrades with a focus on parks and schools, including crosswalks, speed bumps, elevated crossings and pedestrian flashing beacons,
  • Active transportation upgrades such as sidewalks and multi-use paths,
  • Improvements to the Traboulay PoCo Trail, including resurfacing, signs and fencing, and
  • Park, playground and field improvements, including new synthetic turf at Gates Park’s Turf 2 field for improved playability, drainage and safety.

Coming up this fall, we are beginning the process to deliver a new state-of-the-art Soccer and Community Hub at the far end of Gates Park, bringing high quality tournament and practice fields with guaranteed 80 per cent community use, along with the BC Soccer headquarters and other amenities. Construction will begin in early 2023. More details can be found at portcoquitlam.ca/soccerhub.

Information on current projects can be found in the City’s new video released today on its YouTube channel (youtube.com/cityofpoco) and the City website at portcoquitlam.ca/capitalprojects.

Amended Capital Project Schedule
Some projects are being delayed or adjusted to reduce the impact of the highly competitive construction market and supply chain issues, and to take advantage of additional provincial or federal grant opportunities. Changes to projects include:

  • Work on Veterans Park initially planned to start this summer will now begin in the winter, aligned with Civic Centre improvements including Leigh Square and a Donald Pathway extension. Recent bids for the Veterans Park tender did not meet City specifications, so it will be re-tendered this fall while the City also seeks additional grant funding. The intent is to complete the Veterans Park upgrades by spring and the rest of the Civic Centre works by fall 2023.
  • Kingsway Avenue upgrades from Tyner to Coast Meridian originally planned for 2022 will now be tendered this fall, as part of other improvements to Kingsway scheduled for 2023. The City is also seeking additional grant funding for the project.
  • McAllister Avenue pedestrian bridge replacement will be moved to 2025/2026 and take place in conjunction with streetscape improvements to Maple Street. This change will coordinate construction, avoid damage to new infrastructure and allow for potential grant funding. For the time being, the City will assess the structure and conduct preventative maintenance to ensure its safety and stability.

As timelines are adjusted, the City is advising stakeholders of changes that affect them.

The updated Veterans Park schedule means that upcoming activities and events in the downtown this summer and fall can proceed without any construction impacts. This includes the Downtown Port Coquitlam Car Cruise Aug. 20 and Car Show Aug. 21, a street festival on the upgraded McAllister Avenue on Sept. 10, and the Remembrance Day ceremony in Veterans Park on Nov. 11.

Port Coquitlam will continue to keep the community updated on any changes through its social media channels and portcoquitlam.ca/capitalprojects. Information about the Civic Centre projects is posted at portcoquitlam.ca/downtown.

Join us on McAllister Avenue on Sept. 10
Mark your calendar for Sept. 10, when the upgraded McAllister Avenue in downtown Port Coquitlam will host a street festival with entertainment, food, family activities and more. Watch the City website and social media channels for updates.

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