More Parks Added For Alcohol In Designated Park Spaces Program

PORT COQUITLAM, BC, Mar. 16, 2022. . . Adults can continue to drink responsibly in now 10 Port Coquitlam parks this year, based on the success of last year’s three pilot project parks.

Port Coquitlam was among the first cities in Metro Vancouver to have seven successful, responsible drinking park spaces – Castle, Settlers, Gates, Lions, Aggie, Evergreen and Cedar Drive that allowed people to responsibly and safely enjoy a drink with family and friends by spending time outdoors in one of the City parks.

With requests to expand the program to other parks – three parks were added as a pilot in 2021 – Peace, McLean and Dominion Parks.

“I’m proud of the progressive leadership our City has shown. We’ve led the way in Metro Vancouver and as a result, our parks have hosted everything from weddings, to reunions, retirements, baby showers and everything in between, with people able to responsibly enjoy a drink,” said Mayor Brad West. “We’ve demonstrated that when you treat adults like adults, people are responsible and good things happen in your City. I’m looking forward to sunnier days in Port Coquitlam and the continuation of this great program.”

Council committee gave a unanimous approval Tues. Mar. 15 to add the three parks to the permanent list that allows Port Coquitlam residents to drink alcohol at designated spaces in City parks.

People who used the program last year provided feedback and City staff reported that the majority were happy with it, supportive and was well received by the community.

City Bylaw staff and RCMP conducted proactive patrols and monitored the sites to ensure people were being responsible and did not observe undesirable behavior or breaches of City bylaws.

The parks department added additional garbage and recycling collection and maintenance within the 10 park sites. These additional demands are within existing service levels and budgets.

The City has 30 other parks throughout the community where alcohol is not permitted for the community to enjoy.

“Our parks are accessible and open safe spaces for people to socially gather,” said Cllr. Steve Darling, Council’s designate for recreation and public safety matters. “It is great to see how many people really enjoy the opportunity to responsibly consume an alcoholic beverage in these local parks.”

Signage clearly displays the hours of operation, boundaries and rules of use in all of these designated park spaces. Updated signs will be posted this year at the three additional sites– Peace, McLean and Dominion Parks – more information can be found at

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