New Capital Plan Brings Downtown and Neighbourhood Upgrades

Port Coquitlam, BC – Oct. 28, 2021… Upgrades to neighbourhood infrastructure and downtown civic amenities are the centrepieces of Port Coquitlam ambitious new two-year capital budget.

Totaling almost $50 million, Port Coquitlam’s 2022-2023 Capital Plan will improve core municipal services and livability while supporting the local economy with improvements to civic amenities, roads, utilities, parks and trails, pedestrian safety and other critical infrastructure downtown and throughout the community. The 2023 rehabilitation of neighbourhood roads and utility networks account for a significant portion of the capital budget at $12.4 million.

“Our new capital budget continues to build on and protect our City’s core assets, and deliver what our residents have been asking for,” Mayor Brad West said. “There’s a lot to look forward to here, including upgrades to support our northside neighbourhoods, enhance our parks and trails, and re-energize our public spaces downtown. We’re continuing to get the basics right in a proactive and responsible way. I’m exceptionally proud of the work we’re doing.”

The 2022 capital budget comes in at $32.7 million, with about $5.8 million dedicated to the Civic Centre redevelopment set to begin next year.

The much-anticipated project will transform Leigh Square and Veterans Park into an accessible, safe, fun and inviting public space, connected by an extension of Donald Pathway through the downtown and tied into this year’s upgrades to McAllister Avenue. The detailed Civic Centre design concept will be presented to Council in November for approval.

Other 2022 projects include:

  • Almost $17 million in road paving and utility replacement and upgrades, and improvements along Kingsway Avenue from Tyner to Coast Meridian,
  • $1.84 million in upgrades to parks, sport fields and sport courts, and
  • Various active transportation improvements including 2.5 kilometres of new sidewalk and multi-use paths, upgrades to trail network and signage, replacement of the McAllister pedestrian bridge, new streetlights and a considerable number of traffic calming, sidewalk and pedestrian safety improvements.

The 2023 capital budget of $16.9 million includes $6.4 million for road paving and utility replacements – including a new multi-use path and corridor improvements on Kingsway Avenue from Coast Meridian to Kebet Way – along with $6 million in major utility facility replacements, $300,000 for park playgrounds, $250,000 to upgrade Routley Pool and $930,000 for sidewalks, pedestrian safety and traffic calming improvements.

Investments will also be made in new streetlights, the City fleet, an emergency generator at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre and technology to improve services and efficiency.

“People will be happy to see their tax dollars going to tangible improvements that will benefit them in their daily life,” said Cllr. Dean Washington, Council’s designate for budget matters. “We’re focusing our efforts on maintaining, upgrading and improving the basic municipal services that cities are expected to provide. It’s the core of what we do and it’s important that we get it right.”

The City’s two-year Capital Plan was informed by Council’s priorities for 2019-2022 along with Council requests, resident feedback through the budget survey and other channels, staff input and City policies.
Introduced in 2017, the two-year capital budget format continues to result in effective project planning and delivery, as well as competitive pricing in the tendering process.

Funding sources for capital improvements include surplus funds, grants, developer fees and contributions, and reserves.

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