New Mural Crosswalk Unveiled On McAllister Avenue

PORT COQUITLAM, BC – May 17, 2023… A new mural crosswalk on McAllister Avenue has been unveiled next to City Hall and the Outlet building.

The painted crosswalk was unveiled on Friday May 12 between Shaughnessy Street and Donald Street, in downtown Port Coquitlam. The project is part of the revitalization of the downtown core and redevelopment of McAllister Avenue into a street that will host festivals and events that also represents the City’s history and culture.

“This colorful crosswalk not only enhances the safety of our residents but also incorporates public art, adding vibrancy and character to our downtown,” said Mayor Brad West. “As part of our downtown revitalization plan, this helps to beautify the area and reinforce that streets are not just for cars but are also places for pedestrians to get where they need to go safely.”

The new mural brings a splash of colour to the street while honouring the natural history in the area. The image features a large salmon within a vibrant river motif and incorporates, from the early 1900s, branches of the Coquitlam River that ran through what is now downtown Port Coquitlam. The multi-hued painting took five days to complete and will connect Leigh Square and the Donald Street pathway to a future plaza area, which is part of the Quarry Rock development. 

“This is a beautiful and exciting way to incorporate public art into our everyday lives and a great way to create walkable and connected neighbourhoods.” said Cllr. Nancy McCurrach, council designate for arts, culture and heritage and environment.” The crosswalk marking celebrates our culture, history and events.”

About the Artist

The artwork was designed by visual artist Sandeep Johal, who is a Canadian visual artist whose practice engages drawing, collage, textiles, and large-scale murals. She is well known for creating murals that embody brightness, hope and beauty.

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