Port Coquitlam Adopts New Tree Bylaw

Port Coquitlam has adopted new regulations that promote more trees being planted and enhance tree protection and management in the community.

The adoption of a new tree bylaw Feb. 26 follows the two-year Let’s Talk Trees campaign, which consulted the community and stakeholders extensively through online surveys, open houses, stakeholder meetings, staffed displays at events and other means.  

“Thank you to everyone who gave us their feedback over the past two years. We heard that people value trees, but that we also needed to take a balanced approach that represents all interests,” Mayor Brad West said. “This updated tree bylaw will help us protect and manage this important asset of our community now and for future generations.”

The city launched the update of its tree policies and regulations in 2017 to ensure that as the community continues to develop, it will retain the benefits of trees, such as shade, clean air and water, habitat, natural beauty, a connection to the environment, and enhanced property values.

The new tree bylaw will protect trees and encourage more tree planting through:

  • Requiring one tree to be planted on-site for each one cut, or two for significant trees,
  • Better defining significant trees and requirements for hazardous trees,
  • Protecting any tree larger than 15 centimeters in diameter and/or taller than five metres,
  • Requiring a tree permit for the cutting of any tree, including hazardous ones,
  • Changing permit fees to $100 for every tree cut, unless it was deemed hazardous, to capture costs,
  • Collecting funds for more tree planting on public property through permit fees, fines and a $500 cash-in-lieu option to replanting, and
  • Applying stronger penalties to those who contravene the bylaw.

“The new tree bylaw will make some positive changes to how we protect trees,” said Cllr. Laura Dupont, Council’s designate for parks, climate change and environmental issues. “We are taking steps in the right direction and I’m looking forward to continuing the work to make our community healthy and sustainable.”

Now that the new bylaw is adopted, the city will conduct a community education program to promote tree management and enhancement in line with the new rules.

For more information about the new tree bylaw, visit www.portcoquitlam.ca/trees. Questions may be directed to parks@portcoquitlam.ca or 604.927.5496.

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