Port Coquitlam Approves Capital Projects For 2023-2024

Port Coquitlam, BC – Dec. 14, 2022… Port Coquitlam is investing $48.6 million in the next two years for a broad range of capital improvements, including downtown revitalization, roads, parks, flood protection, Terry Fox tributes and streamlined housing applications.

While the City will formally adopt its 2023-2024 capital budget in May as part of the Financial Plan Bylaw, Council approved the planned expenditures on Tuesday to allow staff to proceed with project planning and procurement.

“Our capital program is a reflection of what’s important to us in Port Coquitlam and what our community needs to be safe, livable and vibrant, now and in the future,” Mayor Brad West said. “Our City has become well known for its common-sense approach, solving problems and finding solutions to invest in our core responsibilities – the type of investments our residents and businesses rely on and pay property taxes for. We continue to deliver on the community’s priorities, including getting the basics right.”

For 2023, a key deliverable of the capital program will be major upgrades to Leigh Square and an extension of Donald pathway, set to begin in late March. The tendering process will be finalized in early 2023.

A total of $25.8 million in capital improvements were approved for 2023, including:

  • $7.2 million for neighbourhood rehabilitation projects including paving, utilities, sidewalks and streetlighting upgrades,
  • $12.2 million for upgrades to Gates Park and other parks, sports fields and sport courts,
  • $722,000 for a Terry Fox sculpture and interactive exhibit at Port Coquitlam Community Centre,
  • $710,000 for sidewalks and pedestrian safety,
  • $120,000 for traffic calming,
  • $400,000 for lane paving,
  • $710,000 for Cedar Creek culvert upgrades,
  • $185,000 to expand the Port Coquitlam cemetery, and
  • $160,000 for a washroom at Blakeburn Lagoons Park.

Other 2023 expenditures include more Hydro box wraps, invasive species management and a facility condition assessment for Hyde Creek Recreation Centre.

“As with all of our financial planning, we’ve done our due diligence to make sure the capital program brings value for our citizens and the taxes they pay,” said Cllr. Dean Washington, Council’s designate for budget matters. “By necessity there’s always a give and take when planning budgets, but I think the community will be pleased with the capital investments we’ll be making over the next two years.”

The City’s two-year capital plan format enables long-term planning and more competitive pricing in the tendering process. The plan is reviewed and updated each year based on emerging issues and priorities.  

A total of $22.7 million in capital improvements were approved for 2024, including:

  • $10.4 million for neighbourhood rehabilitation projects including pavement, water, sewer, drainage and streetlighting upgrades,
  • $3 million for major utility improvements, including replacement of the Dominion Sanitary pump station, and upgrading the Cedar Drive Drainage pump station to provide increased flood and fish protection,
  • $2.3 million for fleet replacement,
  • $435,000 for sidewalk and pedestrian safety,
  • $100,000 for traffic calming,
  • $425,000 for network server storage and protection,
  • $400,000 for lane paving,
  • $325,000 to complete the digital development application system, and
  • $320,000 for playground upgrades.

The capital program is informed by Council priorities, resident feedback through the budget survey and other channels, staff input and City policies.

Capital projects are funded by a combination of developer contributions, development cost charges, grants, surplus and capital reserve accounts.

For more information about the capital plan, visit portcoquitlam.ca/capital. Detailed capital project information can be found at portcoquitlam.ca/capitalprojects.



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