Port Coquitlam City Council Sets Out 2020-2022 Priorities

PORT COQUITLAM, BC – Nov. 27, 2019 …Port Coquitlam City Council has set out a roadmap for its next three years in office, with a spotlight on core municipal services.

The three top priorities that will guide the City’s budget and service delivery for 2020-2022 include: improving customer service, investing in infrastructure, and enhancing community safety. The priorities are based on community feedback Council has received throughout the year, and through the annual budget survey and other public consultation.

Overall, Council’s focus is on getting the basics right: planning and providing the core municipal services – such as roads, utilities and other infrastructure, safety and recreation – that matter to residents.

“I’m proud of what the city has accomplished over the last year, and to now be sharing what Council plans to achieve over the next three years,” Mayor Brad West said. “Our goal is to build a safe family-friendly community, with affordable places to live at all stages of life, good-paying jobs, thriving businesses, and the amenities and services people need and want.”

Highlights of the planned 2020-2022 activities, organized into six key focus areas, are as follows.

Managing city finances and assets responsibly:

  • Completing annual reviews of core service levels,
  • Developing asset management and city land management plans, as well as 10-year capital and financial plans,
  • Updating development cost charges as well as servicing regulations, and
  • Evaluating the management of cash, investments, debts and use of reserves.

Planning for the future:

  • Completing the Port Coquitlam Community Centre,
  • Upgrading trails, parks, fields and playgrounds,
  • Updating the Official Community Plan, and establishing policies and regulations to improve housing options for families,
  • Considering higher density development near transit hubs,
  • Improving turnaround times for development applications, and
  • Attracting more businesses that offer high-paying jobs.

Creating a vibrant downtown:

  • Implementing actions in the Downtown Concept Plan intended to revitalize the area,
  • Increasing arts and culture activities and festivals, and
  • Constructing infrastructure to support downtown revitalization.

Focusing on safety:

  • Addressing speeding and school zone safety,
  • Investing in pedestrian and cycling safety,
  • Reviewing options for delivery of police services,
  • Evaluating regulations and service levels for bylaw enforcement, and
  • Planning for replacement of Firehall #2.

Improving transportation and mobility:

  • Investing in neighbourhood road and utility rehabilitation,
  • Planning and advocating for SkyTrain to come to Port Coquitlam,
  • Advocating for railway separation projects at the Kingsway Avenue, Westwood Street and Pitt River Road crossings, and
  • Developing a new Transportation Master Plan.

Enhancing the environment:

  • Creating a plan to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change on city services and the community,
  • Developing a forest management plan along with a tree canopy target and strategy,
  • Assessing and taking steps to improve watercourse health, and
  • Updating the city’s greenhouse gas targets and working to reduce emissions.

In addition, Council has set out several principles to guide the work of the city over the next three years:

  • Building a strong organization – providing the best service possible by working collaboratively, choosing the right people for the job, and staff training and development.
  • Spending wisely – making the best use of taxpayers’ dollars by planning for the future, targeting resources and continually working to be more efficient and effective.
  • Getting it done – delivering budgeted projects or services,
  • Engaging the community – keeping the public informed and giving them a say in decision-making.

More information can be found at www.portcoquitlam.ca/council

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