Port Coquitlam Launches Extra Holiday Recycling Collection

PORT COQUITLAM, BC – Dec. 1, 2020…In time for the holidays, Port Coquitlam is launching additional recycling pickup this December to help residents deal with their extra seasonal waste.

All Port Coquitlam households using city waste services will receive an extra day of recycling pickup on Dec. 27 or 28, depending on their zone.

Council made the decision last week as part of the city’s 2021 budget deliberations, in response to increased requests from residents over the years for more recycling services over the holidays.

“Our residents have been asking for extra holiday recycling pickup for many years and I’m pleased we’re able to provide this additional service in time for the upcoming holiday season,” said Mayor Brad West. “We know the holidays are busy enough as it is, and this year will have its extra challenges. This new service will make life a little easier for our residents, while allowing them to recycle and do their part for the environment.”

During the first recycling collection after Christmas, the city often collects an extra 100 tonnes of material – almost double what it usually picks up biweekly the rest of the year.

In some family homes, recycling carts are overflowing with extra cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and packing material during the holidays – a problem because lids must be closed in order for carts to be picked up by lifting arms on city trucks.

“We’re making it easy for people to do the right thing and recycle their waste, rather than sending it the landfill or storing it for their next pickup,” said Cllr. Darrell Penner, Council’s designate for Public Works matters. “We’re also encouraging residents to go green this holiday and reduce how much waste they generate. That includes proper sorting, such as putting all food scraps and food-soiled papers into the green cart.”

This year’s extra recycling collection will take place on Dec. 27 for zones 3, 4 and half of 5, and on Dec. 28 for zones 1, 2 and the remainder of 5. For an updated schedule, reminders and other tools, residents are encouraged to download the free PoCo Sort & Report app (formerly PoCo Waste-line app), portcoquitlam.ca/sortreport. An updated PDF Collection Schedule and Zone Map is also available at portcoquitlam.ca/waste.

This is the latest improvement to Port Coquitlam’s waste services, which were expanded this spring with the launch of year-round weekly green cart pickup.

If residents find they need additional recycling capacity on a regular basis, they can upgrade from a 240 litre cart to a 360 litre cart for $10 per year, or obtain an additional 240-litre or 360-litre cart for an annual fee of $20 or $30 respectively. Contact 604.927.5496 or email publicworks@portcoquitlam.ca for more information.

Other holiday recycling options include taking material to a depot or the Coquitlam Transfer Station or the annual tree chipping event by Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services, taking place Jan. 8 and 9 in 2021. Recycling depot options are posted at portcoquitlam.ca/recycling, while information about tree chipping and other disposal options can be found at portcoquitlam.ca/treechip.

Here are some other ideas for going green this holiday season:

  • Give the gift of experience and time this holiday season.
  • Plan your food shopping wisely: buy only what you need, buy bulk to reduce packaging and bring your own reusable shopping bags.
  • Choose cloth napkins over paper, pack up leftovers in reusable containers, and put all unwanted leftovers in your green cart.
  • Recycle old or broken Christmas lights, don’t trash them (find out where with the Sort it Right! tool at portcoquitlam.ca/sortitright).

The city will fund the $12,000 cost for this year’s service from its accumulated surplus account.

The decision to continue the extra holiday recycling pickup for 2021 will be part of the 2021 budget planning process now under way. Public consultation on the 2021 budget will take place from Dec. 14 to Jan. 17 using the city’s new online engagement tool, Let’s Talk PoCo. Further details will be provided at portcoquitlam.ca/budget.

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