Smoking and Campfires Banned in City Parks

Effective immediately, smoking and open air burning are banned from all City of Port Coquitlam parks, trails and natural areas as a high fire danger rating has been issued for the region.

To help keep Port Coquitlam parks and trails safe this summer season, residents and visitors are reminded of the following:

  • There is NO open air burning allowed in Port Coquitlam parks, natural areas and backyards. This includes campfires, open fires, charcoal or wood-burning barbecues and propane fire pits.
  • Propane BBQ’s are allowed to be used in most city parks at this time except at all-weather turf fields, such as at Gates Park. Look for any signs in parks that prohibit the use of a BBQ. Never leave your BBQ unattended while it is on or hot.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all city parks and trails. 45% of all wild fires in BC in 2017 were started by humans. A cigarette butt thrown out a car window or onto the trail or grass can smolder for hours and start a fire that may not be seen right away.
  • Do not park your vehicle, motor bike or gas powered bicycle on or next to dry grass
  • If you spot a fire, smell or see smoke, immediately call 9-1-1 and report your location
  • Burning on agricultural properties is only allowed with a permit and at specific times during the spring and fall.

The high fire danger rating across the region will remain in effect until there is significant rainfall and may change to a higher rating if there is continued dry, warm weather.

Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services staff and bylaw enforcement personnel are stepping up patrolling areas of concern that are susceptible to wildland/brush fires. Anyone found to be not following city bylaws will be given a warning or fined.

More information about wildfires is available at



Nick Delmonico
Fire Chief
Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services