Watch for New Bus Benches in Port Coquitlam

Bus benches around Port Coquitlam are being upgraded and up to 100 more will be installed as part of the city’s latest revenue-generation deal.

The replacement of 58 existing advertising bus benches has begun through a new five-year contract with Pattison Outdoor Advertising finalized in September. The benches removed during the transition will be replaced with new updated versions.

The agreement includes up to 40 new advertising benches in the first year, another 10 new advertising benches per year for the remaining four years, and up to 15 new non-advertising benches in locations not suitable for advertising.

All the benches will have city branding and a consistent look with the 38 new or updated transit shelters installed throughout Port Coquitlam through a 2017 contract with Pattison.

Like the transit shelter contract, the new bus bench contract with Pattison is more lucrative than the agreement it replaced.

The revenue will help fund future transit stop improvements, such as pedestrian and wheelchair landing pads, safety enhancements, lighting, and weather protection. Funds from the 2017 transit shelter contract were also used for this purpose.

Port Coquitlam currently has 235 transit stops, of which 43 per cent have benches or shelters. The new bus bench agreement provides for up to 84 per cent of the transit stops to be equipped with benches or shelters by 2023. Stops which cannot accommodate a shelter or bench due to space, visibility, or access constraints will be considered for other enhancements.

The transit stop improvements are part of the city’s ongoing investment in active transportation projects that help pedestrians, cyclists and transit users of all ages and abilities to get around the community more easily and safely. In addition to the transit stop improvements, the work includes more sidewalks, bike lanes, multi-use paths, and safer road crossings.



Melony Burton
Manager of Infrastructure Planning
City of Port Coquitlam
T: 604.927.5205