Coquitlam River

Notice of High Water Levels and Flows in Coquitlam River

Starting Jan 2021, BC Hydro will be performing the first phase of a project to upgrade the Coquitlam-Buntzen Diversion Tunnel that moves water from Coquitlam Reservoir to Bunzten Lake for generating electricity at Lake Buntzen 1 Powerhouse. To do this work, beginning on January 1 up to March 31, 2021, BC Hydro will be diverting water from the Coquitlam Reservoir into the Coquitlam River which means that there will be higher flows and water levels than normal.  With storm season also upon us, we request that the public be extra careful when active around the river since water levels can rise and fluctuate without warning during rainstorms.

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