Potential for Higher Coquitlam River Water Levels During BC Hydro Upgrades

Dec. 19. 2022 — BC Hydro is upgrading the 100+ year old tunnel that moves water from Coquitlam Reservoir to Bunzten Lake to generate electricity at Lake Buntzen 1 Powerhouse.

During January and February 2023, BC Hydro may need to release more water than usual from the Coquitlam Reservoir to the Coquitlam River. There may be higher than normal flow and water levels in the river during this time. BC Hydro asks that the public be extra careful when active around the river since water levels can rise and fluctuate without warning.

Water levels at Buntzen Lake may be affected from January to July 2023. Users are asked to exercise caution and obey safety signs and barriers.