Snow Update #11

Dec. 20, 2022, 3pm –
• Current road conditions – Priority 1 routes are complete. Equipment is moving to Priority 2 and 3 routes.
• Weather predictions – Artic Outflow Warning has been issued, and we will continue to see cold temperatures throughout the week with gusts of wind to 30 km/h.

Upcoming activities:

• The afternoon shift will focus on completing Priority 2 and 3 routes
• At 3am, all available equipment will be mobilized to support the morning commute.

• Parks have completed the majority of Priority 1 sidewalks and trails.
• Parks staff will start at 3am and continue to Priority 2 sidewalks and trails.

Be safe and winter ready with these tips:
☑️ Be cautious on the roads: Check road conditions, allow for extra travel time, bring an emergency kit, or just stay home if you can
☑️ Prevent pipes from freezing: Allow faucets to drip slightly, open cabinet doors to allow air to circulate, keep thermostat consistent
☑️ Clear driveways as well as adjacent sidewalks and fire hydrants of snow: Help your neighbours if you can
☑️ Check in on your family, friends, and neighbours

To learn more about snow removal and report snow concerns, visit