Snow Update #14

Dec. 21, 2022, 7am — It has been a busy day for our crews with snow removal, clean up, and customer service. We are making every concern/issue a priority deploying trucks in areas that still need some attention. The sun was welcome help today in allowing our salt to work more effectively in shaded areas that are still of concern.

Snow accumulations are causing challenges so we are scheduling some activities to truck out snow in key areas.

Road conditions are continuing to improve, shaded areas and heavy snow accumulations are causing difficulties in some spots.

Weather predictions: There is a prediction of snow coming on Thursday night. We are continuing to monitor the weather and paying attention to the prediction of higher temperatures and rain starting on Saturday.


• Three trucks will stay on as an afternoon shift focusing on trouble spots on the North side of the City.
• Three trucks are scheduled for Ice Control starting at 3 am to support the morning commute.
• Traffic Control, one truck and a Loader is scheduled for 5 am to remove excess snow from the Coast Meridian Overpass and the Downtown Core (Shaughnessy, McAllister and Wilson)
• Restocking of salt bays continued throughout the day.

• Utilities crews are planning for the melting snow and rain predicted to start Saturday to ensure drains are exposed to prevent overland flooding. Please help to clear snow away from catch basins fronting your property.

• Focus on minor repairs and maintenance of snow equipment to prepare for the predication of snow Thursday.

City issues/concerns, please report via:

📲 PoCo Sort & Report app
📞 604.927.3111