Snow Update #15

Dec. 22, 2022, 7am — Freezing temperatures and snow accumulations continue to cause challenges as crews move between Priority 1 reapplication of salt back to Priority 2 routes. We are focusing on today’s predicted event while cleaning up significant snow accumulations and applying ice control.

Current road conditions – Priority 1 routes – Bare in most sections, patch snow/ice in shaded areas, piles from plowing on roadsides.
Priority 2 routes – Snow-covered and easily passable, snow accumulations on road edges or areas with parked cars
Priority 3 routes – Snow covered and passable, snow clearing has occurred at least once, and crews are revisiting as they finish up work on Priority 1 & 2 routes
Weather predictions – Environment Canada keeps the Artic Outflow Warning and a Storm Watch Warning in place as temperatures continue well below freezing. The weather models predict snow coming on Thursday night at approximately 11 pm, with initial predictions being between 10-20 cm of snow, turning to freezing rain and eventually rain starting Saturday.
Upcoming activities:
* Three trucks are salting Priority 1 routes to support the morning commute.
* A full crew is working Downtown (Shaughnessy, McAllister and Wilson, etc.) removing snow or piling it out of the way to make room for plowing
* The crew will move to Coast Meridian Overpass to do the same after Downtown is finished.
* Restocking of Salt Bays continues throughout the day.
* Parks crews will prepare by salting and applying ice melt on their Priority 1 sidewalks and trails.
* Utilities crews are planning for the melting snow and rain predicted to start Saturday to ensure drains are exposed to prevent overland flooding.
* Focus on minor repairs and snow equipment maintenance to prepare for snow Thursday’s prediction
City issues/concerns please report via:
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💻 or
📞 604.927.3111