Snow Update #16

Dec. 22, 2022, 3pm — We’ve spent the day preparing for the prediction of 10-20 cm of new snow starting at 11pm tonight. We are winter ready and we will do our best to keep our roads and walkways safe for you.

Conditions: Current road conditions:

• Priority 1 routes – Bare in most sections, patch snow/ice in shaded areas, piles from plowing on roadsides, new application of salt applied
• Priority 2 routes – Snow-covered and easily passable, snow accumulations on road edges or areas with parked cars
• Priority 3 routes – Snow-covered and passable, snow clearing has occurred at least once, and crews are revisiting as they finish up work on Priority 1 & 2 routes

Upcoming activities:

• Full application of salt to all Priority 1 routes throughout today
• Monitoring weather through the evening as we prepare for the Storm Event
• All available equipment is on standby and scheduled for 3 am; however we will be able to mobilize earlier if the snow comes sooner.

• Parks is scheduled to start at 3am with sidewalk snow clearing equipment and a crew of people for hand work on priority sidewalks and trails
• Utilities crews spent the day exposing Catch Basins buried in snow in high purity areas preparing us for the shift to rain (Downtown and known hot spots)

We will continue to keep you updated. Stay safe and warm Port Coquitlam.

City issues/concerns please report via:
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📞 604.927.3111