Snow Update #5

Dec. 19, 2022 — Conditions: Priority 1 routes are the focus to ensure the morning commute goes smoothly. Icy patches are possible due to the colder temps. We will move to priority 2 and 3 routes once the reapplication of ice control is complete.

Upcoming activities:
• Six trucks are currently working and will continue through the day.
• One backhoe will continue to clear snow in Citadel Heights, clearing cul-de-sacs and garbage pick-up as necessary.
• We will re-evaluate road conditions and resources at noon to determine what activities are required ongoing.
Four staff are working on snow and ice control in all areas:
• Priority 1 Pedestrian routes
• City Hall
• Park frontages
• Coast Meridian Overpass
Please report any City issues/concerns and our City crews will get it fixed. Report via:
PoCo Sort & Report app