Storm Update Nov. 30

Storm Update Nov 30:

The projected heavy rainfall is for the next 24 hours and as always we are prepared and ready.

Pump Stations

The storm stations are running at their lower start and stop points to create as much storage for this event as possible. Both pumps at and all 3 pumps are running at Maple pump station, all other pumps are all running with no issues at this time. Staff will continue to monitor pumps and clean flood grates to ensure system is operating at optimum capacity.


Staff continue to check for breaches or removing debris and will continue cleaning all flood grates. Water levels at ditches, creeks and rivers are being monitored. Sand and bags are available at the works yard for Port Coquitlam residents.


We have staff allocated to the north & south side to increase our reactive servicing. Staff continue to inspect, monitor and remove debris covering catch basins. Vac Trucks are out cleaning catch basins in low lying areas and continue to maximize our drainage capacity.


Staff are monitoring our problem trails that are prone to flooding and or the potential of flooding and expect closures today. Sports fields are currently open but anticipated closures with update at 2pm.


Report any City service issues through: