Weather Alert

Jan 11, 2022

A strong southwest flow will develop today and result in an atmospheric river embedded with a series of systems aimed towards the south coast. 

Heavy rain will develop early this afternoon as the first system arrives and continue until Wed. afternoon as additional systems impact the coast. The rainfall combined with rising freezing levels and melting snow has the potential to cause high stream flows and localized flooding. 


  Pump stations are at Liverpool to minimize the impact of infiltration and inflow in to the sanitary system

• Cleaning catch basins and monitoring areas for localized flooding




• Several skids of sand bags have been prepared and placed on a trailer to be available to transport to locations as needed

• Pallets of sand bags have also been prepared and available at the Public Works yard for residents

• Staff will continue to monitor pumps and clean flood gates as needed

• All pump set points have been lowered to allow for maximum capacity




• Staff have prepared signage and barricades and will place them at all high priority trails in order to close them if needed

We will keep you updated. 

Report any City service issues through:  

• the PoCo Sort & Report app 

• or  

• call 604.927.3111