Weather Update

Jan 12, 2022
The City is continuing to monitor and prepare for the rainstorms throughout this week.

Please keep in mind:
  • Sand & sandbags are available to PoCo residents at the Public Works Yard – 1737 Broadway St
  • Clear all catch basins in your neighbourhood of snow & debris to avoid flooding. To see a map of where catch basins are located, visit
  • Report any City service issues through:
  • The PoCo Sort & Report app
  • or
  • Call 604.927.3111
The following areas have been closed due to the rising river level:
  • PoCo trail under the Kingsway Bridge
  • Westside trail under the Kingsway Bridge
  • Parking lot at Gates Park at the end of Wilson Avenue (by the tennis courts)

We will continue to keep you updated.