Occupational Health & Safety Quiz

Welcome to your New Employee Occupational Health & Safety Quiz

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1. Who do you talk to about any safety concerns?

2. Workers have a right to know, a right to participate, and a right to______.

3. The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee is a committee consisting solely of supervisors and managers to oversee the health and safety of workers.

4. Employees are responsible for ensuring personal protective equipment is properly worn, maintained and stored.

5. Examples of personal protective equipment include

6. The purpose of WHMIS is to provide information on

7. If you work alone or in isolation you will need to have a pre-assigned check-in procedure in place

8. When you are involved in a workplace incident, accident and/or injured at work, you must first report your injury to

9. If exposed to violence in the workplace, workers are expected to get into a physical confrontation

10. What type of hazard(s) can office environments contain?

11. Proper ergonomics can prevent repetitive strain injuries for office workers

12. Back injuries are the least common injury in the workplace

13. If an object is too heavy for you to lift you should:

14. Injuries must be reported to your supervisor when you get around to it.

15. Before working in excavations you are required to be trained in excavation and shoring procedures

16. Who is responsible for safety in the workplace?