Sharps Quiz and Certificate

Welcome to your Sharps and Universal Precautions

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All blood and bodily fluids should be handled as if they are infectious to minimize exposure risk.

Disposable or reusable impervious gloves must be worn prior to assisting a victim or other potential forms of communicable disease contact.

It is not necessary to wash your hands after handling potentially contaminated materials as long as you were wearing gloves.

Pumice soap is best used to clean your hands after removing protective gloves.

Bleach mix with water in 1:10 ratio is a good disinfecting solution

You should use objects such as a flashlight or stick to move shrubs, etc. and never place your hands where you cannot see to prevent possible ‘sharps’ injury.

If you have a ‘sharps’ injury you should seek medical attention at the nearest hospital emergency room within _____ hours.

Anyone can dispose of a sharp if they have the right equipment.

You should steady the sharp container with your other hand when placing a sharp inside.

You must complete a Sharps Report Form and give it to your supervisor every time you discover a sharp in the workplace.