Community Cultural Development Investment Program

The Community Cultural Development Investment Program (CCD) supports qualifying Port Coquitlam organizations that offer quality arts and heritage activities to the community.

The CCD Investment Program includes three categories with the following deadline:

  • Development Categories – Individuals, groups and organizations – April 30 and Sept. 30
    • Professional Development – individuals (up to $1,000)
    • Community Initiatives – groups, collectives and individuals without not for profit status (up to $2,500)
    • Capacity Building – organizations (up to $5,000)
  • Project Category – Organizations with not for profit status (up to $5,000) – April 30 and Sept. 30
  • Operating Category – Organizations with not for profit status – (up to $20,000) – April 30 

Attend a Free Grant Information Session – Tuesday March 23, 2021

To learn more about the Community Cultural Development Investment Program, sign up for a free, virtual grant information session on March 23 from 5 to 6 pm. During the on-line session, participants will be guided through the CCD application process, provided examples of past grant projects, offered tips for successful grant writing, and have their questions answered. Register by email at to receive details on how to participate.

The City of Port Coquitlam awards project grants, up to $5,000 through the Community Cultural Development Investment Program (CCD) to qualifying Port Coquitlam organizations that offer quality arts, heritage and cultural activities to the community. 

Deadline Dates:        Spring Intake – April 30               Fall Intake – September 30

To apply or for more information about the Project Category, please click here.

The City of Port Coquitlam awards operating grants up to $20,000 through the Community Cultural Development Investment Program (CCD) to qualifying Port Coquitlam organizations that offer quality arts, heritage and cultural programming to the community. 

Operating grants contribute towards the overall operating costs of well-established and developed arts, heritage and cultural organizations; they are intended to defray a portion of general overhead and regular ongoing programming costs and are not earmarked for specific projects or activities. The objective is to assist in the creation of a secure funding base in order to promote an environment of financial stability in which organizations can sustain their activities and operations over the long term. In order to achieve this stability, funding is awarded for a three year term, with a maximum $20,000 awarded each year.

Deadline Dates:   Deadline extended to May 29                    

To apply or for more information on the Operating category please click here.

This category is intended to support community cultural development by providing funding for strategic development, professional development and community arts, culture and heritage initiatives that are not eligible for Community Cultural Development (CCD) Project or Operating Investments.  

  1. Organizations: Capacity Building Program (up to $5,000) 
  1. Individuals: Professional Development Program (up to $1,000) 
  1. New arts, culture and heritage groups, collectives or individuals who do not have not-for-profit status but who serve the community: Community Initiative Program (up to $2,500)

Annual Deadlines: Deadline extended to May 29 and September 30

For more information and to apply for the Development Category please click here.

Imagine Port Coquitlam: Aligning with the Vision of the City of Port Coquitlam

Entitled Imagine Port Coquitlam, the City of Port Coquitlam’s Cultural Plan, was unanimously received by Council on June 27, 2016 and guides the City’s delivery of arts, culture and heritage events, programs, services and facility operations. The plan was developed following a year-long community engagement process and replaces the 2001 Cultural Policy and Plan.

Port Coquitlam’s unique cultural identity underlies the direction of the plan and its vision: “Port Coquitlam’s vibrant culture celebrates our unique small-town charm and weaves creativity into our active, outdoor lifestyles.”

The Cultural Plan:

  • Provides information to help the City plan for future arts and cultural services and facilities.
  • Identifies what’s important to residents in terms of arts and culture.
  • Assesses the current state of arts and culture in the community, including usership, role, leadership, facilities and resources – what works and what doesn’t.
  • Identifies barriers and opportunities related to arts and culture in the community.

Imagine! Port Coquitlam outlines the strategic direction for the advancement of the cultural life of Port Coquitlam and identifies four key goals:

  1. Integrate Culture Into Community Life
    The community identifies with a small-town feel, outdoor lifestyle and natural heritage, such as rivers, parks and trails. Priority areas include festivals and events, art in public spaces, theatre, live music, family programs and activities that incorporate the outdoors, have a community feel and are accessible and inclusive.
  2. Animate community spaces and optimize existing facilities
    Optimize and activate community spaces and facilities through a variety of projects, programs, events and activities.
  3. Build capacity together
    Develop funding and human resources within the City and the arts and culture community to work together to achieve Cultural Plan goals.
  4. Enhance communications and marketing
    Promote arts, culture and heritage initiatives, programs and events as well as the positive role that arts, culture and heritage play in building healthy communities.
Program Purpose

The CCD Investment Program acknowledges the contribution made by arts, heritage and culture within Port Coquitlam and assists in its development in order to:

  • Demonstrate municipal leadership and enable cultural organizations to leverage funding sources.
  • Encourage and support quality arts, heritage and cultural activities, which enhance the quality of life of Port Coquitlam residents.
  • Increase public appreciation, access and participation in arts, heritage and cultural activity.
  • Promote the continued development and expression of specific communities (as defined by proximity, commonality or interest) through art and cultural processes.
  • Stimulate excellence in cultural programming. 
  • The Program is available to organizations that meet the category criteria (see “Operating Investment Guidelines” below); however, application does not automatically result in the receipt of financial assistance.
  • Capital projects are beyond the scope of this Investment Program. These are covered under the Self-Help Matching Grant Program.

The Community Cultural Development (CCD) Investment Program is administrated through the Recreation Department with the Manager of Cultural Development and Community Services functioning as applicant liaison. As well, staff assesses the applications to recommend annual investments, on behalf of the City. 

The Manager of Cultural Development and Community Services may, at his/her discretion, establish an evaluation committee for the purpose of reviewing Investment Program applications and/or call on outside expert advice on a case-by-case basis as deemed necessary.

Funding levels for the Investment Program are established through the City’s annual budgeting process with any adjustments to service levels for the Program considered on the recommendations as presented to the Committee of Council through the staff reporting mechanism.

At year-end, any unallocated monies in either the Project or Development Investment categories shall be carried forward to the next year or assigned to the Arts, Heritage and Culture Reserve Fund.

Recreation Department staff will review the Investment Program every five years, making recommendations for Program amendments to the Committee of Council, as required.  Minor changes to the guidelines that do not alter the Program overall, its intent or funding levels may be made, at the discretion of the Director of Recreation.

General Guidelines (applies to all Categories)
  • Generally only those organizations that are located in Port Coquitlam and are mandated to serve that municipality will be considered; however, region-serving groups which are also mandated and can demonstrate relevance, need and/or non-duplication of services provided by Port Coquitlam-based organizations may be included. Exceptions may be made if the organization provides services or benefits to the residents of Port Coquitlam.
  • Services and activities receiving assistance under the CCD Investment Program should benefit Port Coquitlam and be inclusive and non-discriminatory in nature.
  • Adherence to a standard of excellence with respect to ethical behaviour when involving the public is expected (e.g. safety training/insurance for public events; policies and/or processes for the safety of participating young people; necessary protocols when working with First Nations)
  • In-kind contributions (such as subsidized access to cultural facilities) will be taken into consideration when assessing funding allocations.
  • Organizations providing services that duplicate existing City programs and services may not be funded unless there is a demonstrated need.
  • As a point of practice, the CCD Investment Program will not under-fund an organization, project or program; therefore, some applications may not receive assistance.
  • All categories require a final report to ensure accountability and will be required to submit financial statements.
  • The City of Port Coquitlam’s CCD Investment Program must be acknowledged by recipients in promotional materials. Please contact Pardeep Purewal, Manager of Corporate Communications at for logo and graphic standards.


Robi Smith
Arts & Culture Coordinator
Recreation Department
Tel 604.927.8443