CCD Investment Program

The Community Cultural Development (CCD) Investment Program includes three categories.

  • Deadlines for the Project and Organization categories are April 30.
  • The Development category has intakes April 30 and September 30.
Project Investment Category
  • One-time only projects or on-going programs, if already receiving an Organization Investment
  • Registered society that has been in operation for two or more years
  • Not eligible if receiving a Self Help Matching Grant from the City
  • Not for developmental work
  • Art schools can apply, if they demonstrate community benefit/partnership
  • All community groups can apply, if they are doing something cultural
  • Not for commercial or for project entertainment
  • As long as first project has completed and a final report has been submitted, a group can apply again
  • Supplies and related small equipment costs can be included (maximum is $1,000)
  • Maximum 50% per project up to $2,500 and $5,000 per year/per group
  • Project is not funded retroactively
  • The project must be completed within one year of the grant award
  • Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis

For more information about his category please click here. Deadline to apply is April 30, 2017.

Organization Investment

This investment category represents a contribution towards the overall operating costs of well-established and developed arts, heritage and cultural organizations; it is intended to defray a portion of general overhead and regular ongoing programming and is not earmarked for any specific project or activity. The objective is to assist in the creation of a secure funding base in order to promote an environment of financial stability in which organizations can sustain their activities and operations over the long term.


  • Organizations must have a proven track record of relevant community service or programming and be able to demonstrate operational responsibility in order to be considered.
  • To be considered in this Investment category, organizations must meet the Basic Eligibility Criteria (listed below); inclusion in the Program will not be automatic but based on a detailed organizational assessment.
  • In addition to groups mandated to produce, and present on-going programs or operate non-profit cultural facilities, organizations which operate, manage and program cultural facilities on behalf of the City as well as festival societies are also eligible to be considered within this category.


  • Candidates who meet the Basic Criteria can submit a proposal on an annual submission date. Proposals must be based on the Assessment Criteria (listed below) and the responsibility to demonstrate level of compliance rests with the applicant.
  • A detailed review of each proposal, including a financial analysis, is conducted by Recreation Department staff in order to ascertain sound management practices, standards of excellence in program discipline and meaningful community impact.
  • In order to promote organizational stability and long range planning, funding for a group that has been placed in the Organization Investment category is automatically renewed annually at the same funding level through the Department’s base budget process. However, a review process is scheduled every three years to assess potential future investments by the City.
  • The City’s investment in any given organization shall not exceed a maximum of 25% of the organization’s operating budget. ·
  • An annual report is required to maintain Organization Investment status; 90% of funds are awarded upon approval of allocation and 10% after submission of the annual report. Reports are due no later than 3 months after the organization’s fiscal year end.
  • Organizations receiving assistance through the Organization Investment category are entitled to apply in other Investment Program categories. (Note: in the Project Investment category they are eligible to apply for one-time only projects, not regular programming).

For more information about this category please click here. Deadline to apply is April 30, 2017.

Development Investment

This category is intended to encourage community cultural development by providing:

  • seed funding for a portion of the initial start up costs of new initiatives and/or;
  • support to innovative projects that exemplify the community cultural development model and/or;
  • assistance with the strategic development of an organization or professional practitioner provided that the organization’s or individual’s ability to benefit the community will be enhanced.

There are four types of initiatives that will be considered for funding under the Development Investment category:

  • the creation of new arts, culture or heritage groups; · community-based initiatives by established groups or artists;
  • enterprises; and
  • professional development (organizations and individuals).

For any given application one of the following is to be identified by the applicant indicating the nature of their proposal:

  1. New arts, culture or heritage groups
  2. Community-based projects initiated by established groups or artists
  3. Enterprises: innovative ideas aimed at increasing the economic self-sufficiency of sector practitioners and/or enhance local economic development.
  4. Professional Development
    • Organizations
    • Individuals

Intakes are April 30 and September 30. For more information about this category please click here.


Carrie Nimmo
Manager of Community and Cultural Development
Recreation Department
Tel 604.927.7915