Private Lessons

The City of Port Coquitlam offers two individualized swimming lesson programs ideal for those needing additional assistance in the water, or wanting a change from group swimming lessons. These programs are great as the instructor caters their plan around the needs of your child as they progress through the Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive program. Available in both private & semi-private options.

Private Lessons are recommended for those:

  • Who require additional attention on a specific skill, or series of skills.
  • Who need additional in-water support to enhance learning and promote safety.
  • Children who have tried group lessons but want to overcome their initial fear of the water.
  • Youth who have not taken lessons for a long time and want a refresher before taking advanced leadership courses.
  • Adults who want a practice session prior to registering in Adult Lessons.

Private Lessons are NOT recommended for:

  • Participants who incomplete a level due to an endurance based issue. Building endurance takes time. The best tip for those with endurance challenges is to sign up for group lessons and also practice swimming lengths on their own.
  • Under three years of age.

Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons are designed for those needing extra attention on a particular swimming skill. Participants are asked to provide the instructor with a previous or current progress memo outlining the skills that need additional assistance. This is a great option for those currently registered in swimming lessons or have a missed a sessions and want to keep their skills sharp.

Lesson Length: 30 minutes
Cost: $23/Private or $31/Semi-Private


Private Lessons and Performance Enhancers are available indoors at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre, as well as in the summer at our two outdoor pools: Robert Hope Outdoor Pool and Centennial Outdoor Pool.

Dates and times correspond with our regular lesson schedule. For more information, contact our Customer Service team at 604.927.7529.