Childminding Play Centre

Childminding reopens April 3, 2023.


Childminding Schedule


  • Registration can be done online or over the phone 7 days prior starting at 8am.
  • Register for appropriate age group.
  • Maximum of seven children / drop in with  one participant for 3-12 months and 6 participants for 1-5 years.
  • If program is full sign up for waitlist.
  • Participants can only sign up for one scheduled time for morning sessions.
  • Guardian must remain in the facility (ie. workout, fitness centre, library, cafe)  while child attends our childminding play centre.
  • Registration and withdrawal for evening childminding closes at 4pm on day of drop-in.
  • Participants who do not attend a session without cancelling in advance will be charged the cost of a single admission.
  • Online registration


  • The cost is $6 for each child.

Health and Safety

  • Please help us provide the highest possible quality care for your child by ensuring staff is updated on information regarding allergies, health care or behavioral challenges.
  • When your child is ill, please do not bring him or her to the play Centre. We are equipped to care for well children only.

Personal Belongings

  • Most children enjoy eating a snack during their stay at the play Centre. We encourage you to provide a nutritious snack and water each time your child visits the childminding play Centre. Please do not send nut or nut products due to risks associated with allergies to nuts. Please label all belongings that you bring to the childminding play Centre. This includes bottles and snack containers.

Fun, happy, healthy children!  Safe, caring, welcoming environment!  Play!

Separation Anxiety

Please say good-bye to your child and let them know when you will be back. This builds trust. Gradual entries are encouraged. Separation Anxiety is a normal and natural part of growing up. Children who have been fine staying on their own can suddenly become clingy.

  • Step 1: Stay in the room until your child feels comfortable
  • Step 2: Let your child know you will be leaving to work out (name the place) and that you will be back at (give them the time)
  • Step 3: Leave and wish them a good time playing.

We will do our best to ensure your child feels safe and secure.If your child is inconsolable after 5-10 minutes we will come and get you and suggest you try another time to make the experience a positive one for your child. Each child is unique in their own way and may take time getting comfortable in a new setting – We want to ensure our Play Centre is a happy place for all!

What we know: Your child will take clues from you- If you feel comfortable they may feel more comfortable. Please take your child to the washroom prior to dropping off * Snacks and water welcome – Please ensure your leave peanut free snacks.


Sandra Battle
Recreation Program Coordinator – Children Services
Tel: 604.927.5182

Emily Moughtin
Recreation Specialist – ECE
Tel: 604.927.5294





Heather Corbould-Lees
Recreation Program Assistant
Tel: 604.927.5292