Online Videos for Kids!

Welcome to our Wellness Wednesday video series designed to keep your family active, creative and having fun while you spend time at home.

Check back each Wednesday for new videos! Also see our virtual fitness class videos HERE

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CREATE! Craft Activities - All ages

DIY Sensory Play

Create your very own Zip Bloc Sensory bag with Miss. Julie from our Playschool Team. Your little ones will enjoy this craft and help develop their fine motor skills. Recommended ages: 3+

Video Length: 2 min 24 sec

Zentangle Meditative Drawing

Learn the meditative art of Zentangle. Feel your stress release as you draw patterns within patterns on the page. No drawing skill required, just a piece of paper and a pen. Great for youth, adults and kids 5+

Video Length: 2 min 51 sec

Coping Strategies Fortune Teller Craft

Crafts can be a fun and calming activity for both children and adults. Try making this fortune teller that also lists a number of coping strategies for managing anxiety.

Download Template Here

Recommended ages: 5+

Video Length: 3 min 26 sec 

Sensory Bottle Craft

Sensory bottles are a fun and easy craft to make at home and you have something you can play with after! If you or your child is feeling overwhelmed or anxious, playing with a sensory bottle can help you feel calm by focusing on something else. Shake to watch the bubbles and glitter separate! Supplies Needed: empty water bottle, food colouring, glitter, baby oil, any other items you want to see float like pom poms, sequence or lego.

Recommended ages: 5+ but may also be helpful for teens or adults who are feeling overwhelmed or anxious

Video Length: 3 min 16 sec 

How to Make Playdough

Playdough is a great activity to help children calm down, get creative and have fun! Create some homemade playdough with your children from one of our trusted recipes!

Recommended for ages 3+yrs. Download our Playdough Recipe HERE

Video Length: 1 min 22 sec

Slime Time

Gadgets away its time for Slime play! Join Kylie and Daniel from the Rec Team to make Slime. Recipe included!

Video Length: 1 min 22 sec

Creating Paper Hearts

Join Robi from the Arts and Culture team to learn how to make a simple colourful paper heart that you can stick in your window or share with a friend.

Supplies required: paper, crayons or coloured pencils, scissors

Recommended for ages: ALL ages! (younger children with help from an adult)

Video Length: 1 min 23 sec

Colourful and Inspiring Hearts to CONNECT! with Community

Use the Heart Template to decorate a heart, and then drop it off at The Outlet (mail slot at 2248 McAllister). Staff will display the hearts in City facility windows for everyone to enjoy!

Make a Pop-up Card!

Learn how to make a pop-up card with a few supplies you already have around the house: paper, scissors, glue, pencil and coloured pencils or crayons.

Video Length: 1 min 23 sec

Children - ages 3-5

Seasons & Spring Scavenger Hunt

Learn all the seasons with Miss Julie from our Playschool team, then try and complete a spring scavenger hunt outdoors!

Video Length: 2 min

Interactive Songs & Games

Join our Playschool team for “Head and Shoulders” and other interactive songs and games – staying active is good for mental health!

Video Length: 3 min 32 sec

Herman the Worm

Join Miss Leslie from our Playschool team for a fun, interactive song with Herman the worm as he travels to Minnekhada Park, Gates Park and Blakeburn Lagoons. We encourage you to connect with your community by visiting local parks throughout our beautiful city.

Video Length: 2 min 15 sec

Calming Your Preschoolers Emotions

Currently everyone is experience lots of emotions, even your little ones! Miss Julie from our Playschool team shares a few strategies to help calm your child’s emotions.

Video Length: 2 min 15 sec

Exploring Nature

Take some time to explore nature! Join our Playschool team for some fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

*Please note: In the Movement section of the video, Julie is skipping, not galloping.

Video Length: 4 min

Felt Story

Count along with Miss Julie in this Lady Bug felt Story!

Video Length: 1 min 7 sec

Interactive Songs | Days of the Week and Months of the Year

Watch and sing-a-long with your little one. In this interactive video, we will be singing the Days of the Week and Months of the Year with Miss Leslie. For learning the Days of the Week and Months of the Year it is best to repeat the songs 3 times with your preschooler.

Video Length: 1 min 

Children - ages 5-10

Chalk Obstacle Course

Join our Rec Team for some fun in the sun by creating your own chalk obstacle course! Watch our video to see Mr. Cary complete our fun course. Try all types of movements: spin, toe taps, jumping jacks, run, hop scotch and jump!

Video Length: 48 sec

Show Some Cookie Kindness

Show some kindness and share your favorite cookie recipe with a friend! Miss Lori from our Playschool team shares our Thumbprint Cookie Recipe with you from our Kids in the Kitchen Program! Enjoy!

Video Length: 1 min

Little Sprockets Bike Circuit

Practice basic bike skills to gain confidence and ride safely. First review the video to learn safety tips, then print the pdf and gather suggested supplies or be creative. Then set up the circuit and begin practicing! After enjoy a ride with your family on one of the many Port Coquitlam trails or multi-use pathways – stay active, ride often and be safe! Print PDF HERE

Video Length: 42 sec 

Bike Scavenger Hunt

Plan a family bike ride to our local parks and trails on the next sunny day! Get the kids to help prepare for the ride by using our scavenger hunt sheet available for download HERE

Video Length: 42 sec 

MOVE! with T-Ball Fun Skills

Watch this video to learn some basic T-Ball drills to do at home with your kids. Our Rec leaders cover throwing, catching, grounders, hitting and base running!

Video Length: 1 min 23 sec 

MOVE! with Basketball Fun Skills

Join Kylie and Emily from our Rec Team to ensure your children are getting 60-a-day of active play. We’ll give you the basics so you can play for hours!

Video Length: 1 min 34 sec 

MOVE! with Soccer Fun Skills

Join Nico and Kylie from our Rec Team to ensure your children are getting 60-a-day of active play. We’ll give you the basics so you can play for hours!

Video Length: 1 min 28 sec

Youth - ages 11-18

Mindfulness Apps for Youth

Mindfulness is different for everyone. For some it looks and sounds like active meditation and for others it can be simply noticing your present surroundings and ‘being’ in the moment. Here’s a list of Apps that youth may find helpful in calming emotions and reducing stress. Download the Mindfulness App Sheet 

Earth Week Scavenger Hunt

Port Coquitlam is surrounded by beautiful trails! Join Youth Services staff for a fun scavenger hunt that you can do with your family (the people you live with!) Remember to keep social distances of 2m with others and to stay home if you’re not feeling well. Enjoy Earth Day, enjoy nature and being active!

Download the Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet HERE

Recommended ages: all ages!

Video Length: 59 sec

CREATE! Making a Classic 3-Egg Omelet

Learn how to make this healthy snack!

Caution: You will need to use the stove top to create this omelet – parent supervision recommended for younger youth.

Supplies: 3 eggs, non-stick frying pan, spatula/flipper, bowl and a fork or whisk

Recommended ages: 11+

Video Length: 3 min 9 sec