Block Party Request Form

Throwing a block party is a terrific way to meet your neighbours, build a sense of neighbourhood, show your PoCo Pride, and just plain have fun! The Block Party Program runs from May to September. If you plan to close your street for your block party, please fill out a Block Party Request Form at least two weeks before the event.

In order to qualify for a Block Party permit, your event must:

For all other road closures, please complete a Road/Lane Closure Request

Block Party Request Form

Block Party Organizer

Postal Code

Block Party Information

Please apply for your Block Party Permit at least two weeks prior to the event if you are intending a street closure and/or would like to receive a free Block Party Kit.
Will your Block Party require a street closure? *
Note: Any Block Party to be held on a public street, including cul-de-sacs, requires a street closure. Events held in public parks, on strata lots, or on private property do not require a street closure.
Please indicate the name of the road you would like closed. Also, please indicate where you would like the road closure to begin and end using addresses or cross-roads.
Please describe where your Block Party will be held. Please note that if you are intending to hold your event at a public park, picnic shelters and other amenities must be booked separately. Visit for more information.


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