Artist in Residence

The Leigh Square Artist-in-Residence program is a self-directed residency offering artists time and opportunity to create, experiment and develop work, with dedicated studio time and in the context of a creative environment. In exchange for studio space, artists facilitate public workshops and outreach programs for the local community as part of their residency.

Artist-in-Residence | Ratna Gandhi

Meet Port Coquitlam’s new Artist in Residence, Ratna Gandhi. Ratna will be working at The Outlet in Leigh Square from October 2020 to the end of February 2021.

Ratna is a visual artist with a BFA and MFA in Creative Sculpture from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in India. She was amply distinguished by the National and State Academy of Arts with awards for her Sculptures in India, and has displayed her works in numerous international exhibitions. For her project ‘Wall of Interactions’, Ratna will further explore clay as a material while using the interaction and involvement of the local community to give a new dimension to her work. Based on personal encounters with nature, and under the artist’s guidance, community members will be creating individual ceramic tiles which will be attached and installed as a wall mural.

Ratna offers 20 years of hands-on experience working with various materials including clay, plaster, metal, wood, fiberglass, paper mache, stone, and fabric.

A portfolio of her work is available at


Read more about Ratna and her practice: Indian sculptor is the new artist-in-residence for Port Coquitlam


Further information regarding the virtual artist talk will be available in November.

Artist-in-Residence | Cherry Lu

Meet Port Coquitlam’s new Artist in Residence in Lions Park, Cherry Lu. Cherry (Wen Wen)  is a multimedia artist interested in exploring the hidden, the small, and the forgotten through installation, illustration and animation. Her work has been shown at the Richmond Nature Park, WINDOW Gallery, Centre A, Concourse Art Gallery, Jericho Beach, New Westminster Museum and Gallery, Access Gallery, and Burnaby Art Gallery.

Through her residency, Cherry invites Port Coquitlam residents to explore the beauty in a ray of sunshine, a gentle breeze or the rhythmic sounds and patterns of the rain. Inspired by the setting of Lions Park, Cherry will create immersive art installations in the park that weave together individual reflections and stories related to the sun, rain and wind.

For more information about Cherry’s residency in Lions Park, visit


Click here to watch an inspiring virtual artist talk with Cherry where she walks us through a visual tour of her art practice and residency project:


Click here to view a pop-up dance performance that weaves through the art installation in Lions Park at the end of August. The performance was a collaboration with Foolish Operations, supported by the PoCo Arts Council with funding from the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation.


You are invited to meet Cherry in person and take part in a free, drop in workshop on the following Saturday and Monday afternoons from 1 – 3 pm:

July 4, 6, 11: Sun

Play with reflections and mirrors with the sun

July 13, 18, 20: Rain

Explore distortions and glass with rain or water

July 25, 27, & August 1: Wind

Feel the curves of the wind with sheer fabric​

If you are unable to or uncomfortable with joining us in person, you can also participate online. Workshop instructions will be posted during the dates above on Cherry’s residency website (


Each week, Cherry is hiding a small sculpture in the park for visitors to find. Join in the “Find Me” game by grabbing your camera or phone and looking for the hidden sculpture. Click here ( to see the current hidden sculpture and photos from past seekers.


Take a walk through Lions Park and discover new temporary art installations created by Artist in Residence Cherry Lu. The installations are inspired by the natural settings of Lions Park and made from art pieces created by community members in workshops during July 4th to August 1st. The installations feature mirror pieces from the Sun Workshops, glass pieces from the Rain Workshops and fabric pieces from the Wind Workshops. Be sure to drop by more than once as new installments will appear throughout the week.

For more information about Cherry and her art practice, please visit:


The Leigh Square Artist-in-Residence program is a self-directed residency offering artists the opportunity to research, develop and produce new or ongoing bodies of work, with dedicated studio time. The Artist-in-Residence program offers opportunities for artists to work in the community, to develop arts-based engagement activities and to deliver creative projects that generate meaningful connections. The program sees artists work collaboratively with community members (who may or may not see themselves as creative) in initiatives where the participants take a central role as creators, producers and performers or as active audiences for the project. With a goal of contributing to the growing vibrancy of our neighbourhoods, the Artist-in-Residence program seeks to inspire participation and relationship-building where art (the process of creating together) acts as a catalyst for individual and community engagement. Residencies are for artists or artist collectives working in the visual, performance, literary, and musical arts.

The Artist in Residence studio is located in The Outlet at 2248 McAllister Avenue, Port Coquitlam.


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Public Art & Engagement Specialist
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