The Exhibition Program at the Michael Wright Art Gallery and Leigh Square Community Arts Village facilitates community cultural development through the coordination of multi-disciplinary, temporary exhibits that represent diversity of cultural materials including arts, crafts and artifacts from Port Coquitlam and surrounding areas; and to promote inclusive community access to and interaction with materials that cultivate the imagination.

What’s on


Dates: April 30 – June 25, 2018

Opening Reception: Monday April 30, 7-9 pm

The River at Home by Juli Cristina Song


The Michael Wright Art Gallery’s newest exhibition is Imaginings, a collaborative exhibition of the students of Riverside and Terry Fox Senior Secondary schools. This exhibition explores the faculty of the imagination and showcases student artworks from Riverside and Terry Fox Secondary schools. The mental work of the imagination is fundamental to creating, making, and learning and elevates thoughts from the mundane to the fantastic. Imaginings highlights the breadth and depth of the imaginations of these young artists.



Previous Exhibition: Julia Nygra | Healing Garden

Healing gardens are universally known to have therapeutic and healing properties. They provide a calming oasis for those visiting or working in them. Having such a mental health break is fundamental in the health of today’s hectic society. A healing garden is reflective of the efforts of Victim Services Workers who strive to empower people in their transition from trauma to healing. This exhibition acknowledges the work of Victim Services and supports the RCMP’s “Cops for Cancer Research” campaign. Seventy percent of all sale proceeds will be donated to this worthy cause. The artist invites you to visit the Gallery often, as the exhibit will evolve and change throughout much like a garden would.

Dates: Thursday, November 30 – Tuesday, January 9