The Exhibition Program at the Leigh Square Community Arts Village facilitates community cultural development through the coordination of multi-disciplinary, temporary exhibits that represent diversity of cultural materials including arts, crafts and artifacts from Port Coquitlam and surrounding areas; and to promote inclusive community access to and interaction with materials that cultivate the imagination.

Upcoming Exhibits

Afsaneh Roudgar


Nature is a powerful inspiration in my work , it’s all about color. I look for peaceful moments and I found it in the nature. I love to draw the moments we lose to memory like twinkling the flower in the wind, glance of the dog after petting and resistance of  human in disaster. My passion is to paint with water color to create this atmosphere.  I also believe that nothing is fixed, and so my feeling about life is different from time to time, I just have to go with it. This is the beauty of life.

Born in Iran, November 1959 and moved to Canada in 2008. She graduated in Business Management. Afsaneh learned painting from her father who master in Hyperrealism (Water Color) known painter in Esfahan. She started working in human portrait, using caulk. She had some exhibition in Iran. Since she came to Canada, she found her new passion in Water Color where she implements her ideas of nature in her paintings.


Dates: Thursday, August 3 – Tuesday, October 3

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 3 from 2-4 pm


Zhanna Shomakhova

A series of artworks under the title Motion is inspired by continuous and infinite process of movement in nature.  Everything we see, everything that surrounds us is in constant motion.  We cannot influence it, stop it, or change it; it is out of our control.  Without a beginning or an end, this process is outside of notions of time and space, it is all around and universal.  Random or predictable, orderly or chaotic, the process of motion is an integral part of nature’s beauty.  The submitted artworks explore the beauty of the universe in constant motion: its form, balance, symmetry, rhythm, and colour.


Dates: Thursday, October 5 – Tuesday, November 28

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5 from 7-9 pm

Julia Nygra


Dates: Thursday, November 30 – Tuesday, January 9

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 30 from 7-9 pm