The Michael Wright Art Gallery and Outlet at Leigh Square feature a rotating program of exhibitions by artists from Port Coquitlam and across Metro Vancouver. The gallery is open 1-5pm, Monday to Saturday and is free to the public. Check the website for more details www.portcoquitlam.ca/recreation/leigh-square-community-arts-village/exhibits/

What’s on

Shameem Khan | A Journey

Dates: June 30 – August 27, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday June 29, 7-9 pm

A Journey is the result of Khan’s ongoing exploration with the medium of watercolour, showcasing works on paper depicting urban and rural landscapes from regions around the world. While watercolour has been an important medium for Khan in his career as an architect to represent design concepts for projects, his on-going fascination with the medium has inspired an attention to capturing the atmospheric mood of a scene. The works employ transparent light and strong dark qualities to transform everyday urban and rural landscapes into dreamlike and dynamic spaces.

Khan has exhibited regularly in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, and is the winner of numerous awards for his work.

Previous Exhibition: Riverside and Terry Fox Senior Secondary Schools | Imaginings

Dates: April 30 – June 25, 2018

Opening Reception: April 30, 2018 7-9 pm

Imaginings is a collaborative exhibition exploring the faculty of the imagination and showcasing student artworks from Riverside and Terry Fox Senior Secondary schools. The mental work of the imagination is fundamental to creating, making, and learning and elevates thoughts from the mundane to the fantastic. Imaginings highlights the breadth and depth of the imaginations of these young artists.