Leisure Buddies

Children require additional support for a variety of reasons. Examples include, but are not limited to, Autism, physical or mental limitations, behavioural issues, aggression, language barriers etc.

Our program leaders are responsible for the entire group and cannot spend extended periods of time focusing on the specific needs of one child. Also important is our leaders do not deal with your child every day, so what may be routine for some parents could be extreme for our instructors.

It is important to choose a program appropriate for your child. Our day camps are active, often hectic, noisy active programs, which go for long walks, take public transit, interact in busy public settings and often have an ever-changing schedule. This type of program is not appropriate for children who cannot cope with the program agenda.

Leisure Buddies assist children with tasks like focusing on the task at hand, re-direction, ensured involvement, explaining, assisting and group inclusion.

Leisure Buddy Online Information Form

Parents registering children with needs in any of our programs are required to complete the Leisure Buddy information form, available at any customer service desk or fillable online below.

Please take the time to thoroughly complete this form. Providing us with as much information as possible assists us in delivering a positive experience for all participants and staff.

Please remember what may be routine for your family, may be out of the ordinary for our program leaders.

Support requirements are determined by staff. We do our best to find appropriate support. If support cannot be found, the participant may be required to register for a ore appropriate program or withdraw.

Staff requires a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to find support. Families can apply for up to 2 weeks of summer support.

We are unable to provide personal care such as toileting and changing.

Leisure Buddy Information Form
Postal Code

Programs the participant is registered for




Behaviour and Communication

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Additional details

  • Staff require a week’s notice to find an appropriate volunteers.
  • Support is very limited the first week of summer programs (July 2-6).
  • Participants are eligible for up to 2 weeks of support; support is based on demand and available resources.
  • Port Coquitlam residents are given priority over non-residents.
  • Participants are matched with a Leisure Buddy on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Our Leisure Buddies do not provide personal care, such as assistance with toileting etc.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a national charitable program launched by the family of Canadian Tire. This program helps financially disadvantaged kids (ages 4-18) participate in organized sport and recreation by covering registration and equipment. Download the form here.


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Recreation Program Assistant – Adult & Access Services
Phone: 604.927.7974
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