Trees and Their Benefits

Why Are Trees Important?

Trees are an important part of Port Coquitlam’s infrastructure and bring many benefits to our residents.

Social and Community Benefits

  • Provide a calming effect which can help reduce stress, fatigue and recovery time from surgery and illness.
  • Provide privacy, accentuate views, reduce noise and glare, and enhance architecture.
  • Help reduce the level of crime in urban environments.
  • Bring natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban surroundings, all of which increase the quality of life for residents of the community.

Environmental Benefits

  • Alter the environment we live in by moderating climate, improving air quality, reducing stormwater runoff, and
  • harbouring wildlife.
  • Moderate temperatures by creating a cooling effect which can counteract the heating effect of pavement and buildings in an urban environment.
  • Compact tree foliage can serve as a windbreak, as well as provide protection from rainfall.
  • Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates and releasing oxygen.

Economic Benefits

  • Property values of landscaped homes are 5 to 20 percent higher than those of non-landscaped homes based on the species, size, condition and location of the trees included in the landscape.
  • Trees also provide shade which can lower cooling costs for your home and reduce heating costs in the winter by acting as a windbreak.


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