Tot Lessons (2.5-5yrs)

Parent Participation Level

Parents with solid skating skills enjoy time together on the ice as they support their children while they learn to skate; free rentals available to both participants.

Parent and Tot (2.5-5yrs)

While having fun through songs and play, parents who can skate will assist their children as they learn ice safety, how to stand and fall, march forward and turn!

Non-Parent Participation Level

Young children who are ready to independently learn to skate without parent participation.

Tot 1 (2.5-5yrs)

First time skaters will independently learn ice safety, how to stand and fall, march forward, turn, and hop assisted while having fun through songs and play!

Tot 2 (2.5-5yrs)

Prerequisite Tot 1 Skaters who can independently stand and move forward will learn edges, forward and backwards marching, and stationary snowplow stop.

Tot 3 (2.5-5yrs)

Prerequisite Tot 2 Skaters will develop a “glide to their stride”, learn to two foot glide, and be introduced to gliding on a curve, snowplow stopping and backward skating.

Tot 4 (2.5-5yrs)

Prerequisite Tot 3 Skater will learn to develop a forward and backward skate, two foot glide on a curve, snowplow stopping, and be introduced to forward sculling and one foot pumping on a straight line. Completion of Tot 4, skater moves to Child 3.