Registration Information for Parents

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to register children in the correct level of our swim program. Instructors assess all students on the first day of lessons to ensure that they have been placed correctly. In the event that a child has not been placed correctly, s(he) may be permitted to transfer to an alternate level, based on program availability, at the discretion of the aquatic staff. If no spots are available in an appropriate level, the child may be withdrawn from the program at the discretion of the aquatic staff for safety reasons.

Not sure which level to register in?

If you’re unsure what level your child should be registered in or it has been over a year since their last session, drop by for a FREE evaluation. One of our qualified instructors will assess your child and recommend the appropriate Red Cross level for enrollment.

Not Progressing?

If your child has been in the same Red Cross level for three lesson sets, within a six month period, and has not progressed to the next level, we will provide the child with one private lesson. We also offer other programs that may be more suited to the needs of the child, including Performance Enhancers.

Cancelled Classes:

A minimum of 48 hours before a class starts, lessons may be cancelled where there is insufficient registration. We will attempt to find space in the next available class or issue a full refund.

Maximum Number of Registrations:

Program participants can only be registered for one swimming lesson set at a time. You may register your child for the next lesson set only after the completion of the lesson set they are currently registered in. Your child may be withdrawn from a program(s) if registered in more than one lesson set per session, or if registered in future lesson sets prior to the completion of the lesson they are currently registered in.


If the class you want is full, get on the waitlist! Classes with waitlists may replace any classes that have been cancelled.

Combined Classes:

Combined classes are being offered in an effort to provide a greater variety of class time options to families. In order to avoid cancelling a class, we may be required to move your child to another time in order to combine two classes with low enrolment.

Program Fees:

Program fees cover access to Hyde Creek for participation in Swimming Lessons only on the dates and time listed. Effective January 2014, program fees no longer allow participants to use the facility before, or after their lessons. Parents/guardians are welcome to watch their children participate in a program; however, program fees do not include parental/guardian use of the facility before during or after their program. As space is limited in the pool area during swimming  lesson times, all individuals wishing to use the leisure pool and hot areas may do so for a fee of $2 per visit between the following hours:

  • Mon-Fri  4-7 pm
  • Sat & Sun 9 am-12 pm

Leisure Buddies

Some children require additional support for a variety of reasons. Examples include, but are not limited to, Autism, physical or mental limitations, behavioural issues, aggression, language barriers etc. It is important to choose a program appropriate for your child. Leisure Buddies assist children with tasks like focusing on the task at hand, re-direction, ensured involvement, explaining, assisting and group inclusion. For more info please click here.