Thank You Volunteers!

Volunteerism and community participation play an important part in building the spirit of our community.

Beginning with the Incorporation Celebration Committee in 1913, our local service clubs and community organizations have a long history of volunteer activities. Our City’s volunteers support community projects and contribute to making our City stronger, safer and healthier.

Port Coquitlam volunteers give hope and friendship to those in need. They help when asked and, more importantly, even when they’re not. You’ll find volunteers involved in our community’s minor sports, schools, churches, emergency preparedness programs, care facilities, animal welfare organizations, cultural events, outreach programs, crime prevention initiatives, environmental programs … the list is endless!

The City of Port Coquitlam is a better place thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers working throughout our community. It is with sincere appreciation that we say “thank you” to the volunteers who assist us and make Port Coquitlam a beautiful place to live, grow and prosper.