Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the ‘Youth Programs’ and ‘U21’ categories? Do you have to be a youth to be considered in the youth programs category?

You do not have to be a youth to be eligible for the Youth Programs Award; this category recognizes volunteers of all ages who support our community’s youth programs, excluding amateur athletics (see Sports and Recreation category).

The U21 category recognizes volunteers under the age of 21 who have demonstrated a commitment and made extraordinary contributions in any of the other five categories.

Can couples or groups be nominated for an award?

No. Port Coquitlam’s Volunteer Recognition Awards are for individual recognition and couples and groups are not eligible.

However, City Council is appreciative of all volunteer groups who make a positive difference in our community. You are encouraged to notify the Mayor’s Office of any volunteer group(s) you feel worthy of recognition. Please provide the name of the group, the volunteer activity(ies) and a complete mailing address. During National Volunteer Week, the Mayor will send a personal letter to the group along with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Who can submit a nomination?

There are no restrictions. Award nominations are gratefully accepted from all individuals, groups and organizations, including self-nominations.

Can a volunteer be nominated more than once?


Yes, but not by the same person. Because the awards nominations are submitted in confidence, occasionally several groups/individuals may nominate the same volunteer for a Volunteer Recognition Award during the same calendar year.

Are past nominees eligible for this year's Volunteer Recognition Awards?

Yes. As long as the volunteer has not previously received a Volunteer Recognition Award from the City of Port Coquitlam, he or she is eligible. If you are not certain, review the list of previous award recipientsor contact the Mayor’s Office at 604.927.5410 or for confirmation.

What is the selection criteria for the awards?
  • Nominees can be any age and do not have to be a Port Coquitlam resident.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.
  • Past Port Coquitlam Volunteer Recognition Award recipientsare not eligible for nomination except for the Lifetime Volunteer category, but past nomineescan be nominated for any category. (Click to view previous recipients.)
  • Nominations must be for an individual (couples or group nominations are not eligible). Each individual nomination must stand on its own merit.
  • Nominees must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Their unpaid volunteer contributions provide extraordinary help or care to families or groups in Port Coquitlam.
  • They continually commit their time, talent and energy, without pay, to improve the quality of life in Port Coquitlam.
  • They have been voluntarily involved in a program or project that has had a lasting benefit for Port Coquitlam and its residents. 

The Selection Committee also considers the following criteria:

  • Unpaid – Has or will the individual receive any financial or personal gain from their volunteer contributions? This includes remuneration, prizes, business contacts, clients, advertising, promotion of oneself or political gain.
  • Continued – What is the level of commitment? Has the involvement been continuous? Did it begin recently? Is it ongoing?
  • Extraordinary – Can the volunteer work or contributions be described as outstanding or remarkable? Is the level of involvement beyond that of most residents?
How is the Awards Selection Committee chosen?

The Awards Selection Committee includes the recipients of the previous year’s Volunteer Recognition Awards, the Mayor and a City staff member whom also participates on the Committee as a non-voting member.

The Lifetime Volunteer recipient is selected by City Council from among submitted nominations and their knowledge of others worthy of consideration.

The Lifetime Volunteer recipient is selected by City Council from among submitted nominations and their knowledge of others worthy of consideration.

When are award recipients and/or their sponsors notified?

Volunteer Recognition Award recipients are announced at a special Awards Tribute held each year during Volunteer Appreciation Week in April.All nominees and a guest are invited to attend the event.

The names of the award recipients are not shared with anyone prior to that event. It ruins the surprise!

Following the Tribute, a press release is sent to the local newspapers and the names of the selected award recipients are usually published in the newspapers as well as appearing on the City’s website.