Ayden Kuiper

Ayden is a humble person who would never admit the amount of good he is doing for the community. Ayden is new to our program but took on the role of Cell Watch leader during the pandemic. This involved taking care of his co-volunteers and community. Generally cell watch volunteers deter and raise the awareness of distracted driving. At the moment, the distraction we are targeting is specifically cell phone use, i.e., texting or talking while driving in designated areas within Port Coquitlam (ICBC Crash Locations, Compstat/City hotspots or via Public Requests). Volunteers identify drivers whom have driven with distraction and ICBC letters are sent to those observed. Ayden doesn’t even have a picture because he comes in, does the work, and leaves. He never asks for anything and comes all the way from mission to support Port Coquitlam when it comes to road safety. This is what he does when he isn’t working as a fire fighter.