Janice Kim

There are many ways that Janice Kim could have spent her last summer vacation heading into Grade 12 at Riverside Secondary, but she chose to spend it bringing smiles to children’s faces. Janice was one of a small group of volunteers who was invited back to assist with the City of Port Coquitlam’s 2021 children’s summer camps. Following training around our new COVID-19 safety protocols, Janice volunteered with four weeks of Explorers Summer Camps. There, she helped children ages 8-10 get active, have fun and make new friends after months of remote learning. Janice went above and beyond to help others – she came early every morning and would help get camps set up before ever being asked. She partnered up with children who were shy and become their best friend for the week. Whether it was raining or blistering hot, Janice always had a smile on her face, and would do everything she could to bring a smile to everyone else’s face, too. We couldn’t be more grateful for all her positivity and support!